Tuesday, October 06, 2009

the death of dalziel

I've always considered Reginald Hill's books about stablemates Yorkshire police officers Dalziel and Pascoe to be for the discerning reader, they are cleverly woven suspense novels, intriguing plots, witty and intellectual. And the setting in Yorkshire is of course an extra plus.

"The Death of Dalziel" is the 13th book about Dalziel and Pascoe I've read - some in English some in Swedish translation, and oddly enough I prefer them in Swedish since I believe that the translator, with exception of one book, makes a great job in carving some extra life and personality into the characters compared to the original text. Oddly enough that is. And despite the annoying fact that the Swedish translations don't include all the books and being published in not always chronological order -

and I think the last couple or so of the books have been strangely void of engagement and somehow long winding for longwindingness sake. I don't know if it's the writing or if it's I who have changed. Hence a new Dalziel & Pascoe book, sadly, doesn't feel like the-must-read it has been for me.

I am looking forward to read "The Stranger House" though, because I do adore Hill's writing and maybe it's just Dalziel and Pascoe who has gone tired and unengaged.

Do you have a favourite crime fiction writer? Who is it and why?


P.K said...

P.D. James is my favourite writer. Her books are elegantly written. They are the few books I could read again.

Poppy Q said...

I love a good thriller, crime novel, but can't seem to find a fave at the moment. They all seem to start off strong, but get a bit lost and full of themselves.

I have to say that Nelson DeMille and Tess Gerritsen, are usually pretty consistant. I used to love Lee Childs, but he has got a bit distracted. James Patterson is useless and Patricia Cornwell has gone loopy.

Julie Q

Pia K said...

i agree on p.d james, p.k, i've read about 10 of her books, but it was a long time ago now. for no particular reason, i've just favoured others i suppose. which reminds me that i actually have had 'the lighthouse' in my to-read-pile for a long time now...

thanks for the tips, julie, a few i haven't heard of before. will check them out!

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