Sunday, October 04, 2009

~ happy cinnamon bun day ~

One has to be slightly smitten by a country who has instilled something as brilliant as an official cinnamon bun day (kanelbullens dag).

Today, October 4th 2009, is actually the 10th anniversary of this delightful and proudly Swedish day.


Happy cinnamon bun day,
with hopes of freshly baked cinnamon delights for all!


Bluebluesky said...

It's amazing how the pictures in your blog remind me exactly of my beautiful times in Sweden... Lovely :)
Greetings from Portugal.

Catherine said...

I need to move country! This is scrummy!

Anonymous said...

I love the idea of a special day for cinnamon buns. Are there other special days for foods?

heidikins said...

Um, I need to move to Sweden. Clearly.


Pia K said...

thank you, bluebluesky, for a sweet comment! and i'm glad you have enjoyed good times in sweden:)

i know, catherine, one of some swedish perks:)

i can't seem to find any special list for swedish food-days like this, xtiand, the ones i know (and celebrate myself) of are the waffle day in march
and the fat tuesday lenten bun-day in february

then we have some food and dishes that are pretty seasonal, for vegetarians there are new potatoe and strawberries in early summer and of course 'lussebulle' in december

i like the fact that people think sweden is move-to-able just because of a cinnamon bun, heidikins...;)

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