Monday, October 19, 2009

another creamy lentil stew

'Tis the season of heartwarming vegetarian soups and stews. Hence this recipe for a tweaked creamy lentil stew - since I didn't happen to have everything the original version needed in the fridge - which turned out to be really savoury and satisfying.


c r e a m y . l e n t i l . s t e w, ~ 6 servings

2,5 - 3 dl green lentils
7 dl boiling water
1 vegetable stock cube

mix in a largeish casserole, let to boil, slow boil for about 15 minutes.

1 large leek
1 large yellow onion
4 medium potatoes
1-2 large carrots
sunflower oil

rinse, peel and chop, fry lightly in pan for a few minutes.

3-5 large fresh tomatoes, chopped
5 dl boiling water
salt, black pepper, dried thyme

when the lentils have cooked for the above 15 minutes add the vegetables, the boiling water, the chopped tomatoes to the lentils. season with salt, black pepper, dried thyme.

slow boil for about 15-25 minutes, depending on how long it takes for the lentils to cook.

~ 300 g light quorn bits or
~ 200 g halloumi
sunflower oil

While the stew is cooking gently fry either quorn bits or diced halloumi.

~125 g organic creme fraiche

When stew is ready add the fried quorn/halloumi to the stew and also stir in the creme fraiche.


If lentil soup is more your thing, here's a recipe for a rather brilliant one.


Lola Nova said...

Looks and sounds delicious. I have to admit, I do like this time of year for the stews and soups.

Tonight I made a coconut, turmeric and potato soup over basmati rice. So satisfying.

Forever Feline said...

Oh yummy! I will try this when the weather is cool again :)

Pia K said...

try it, alex, i'm sure you'll enjoy it! and thanks for your recipe it sounds delish!

you do that, forever feline, adn get back to me when you've tasted it, ok...:)

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