Thursday, October 08, 2009

the vegetarian haggis meal


Quite obviously I'm no fan of the original Haggis version. However, the vegetarian one is rather enjoyable now and then. As it tend to be extremly filling only in small portions - the food on the plate in photo serves two, but a serves-one portion would certainly make a rather silly meal in looks - and always served with mash potatoes (which I pretty much only make for haggis).


And beetroots (these were organic locally produced lightly cooked melt in your mouth especially delicious). And the garlic fried mushrooms made a nice addition to this latest vegetarian haggis meal.


Are you a fan of (the vegetarian version of course) haggis? Any nice serving suggestions (other than swede, the veggie not walking on two legs kind)?


Poppy Q said...

I have only had the real haggis once in Edinburgh, in 1995. I have never heard of a vegetarian version.

Looks like a nice meal though. I LOVE beetroot.

Julie Q

Anonymous said...

MacSweens have a selection of recipes on their website,
look at the recipes under both original and vegetarian haggis for ideas. Does Loaf Dog like Haggis? Nino loves the McSween vege one (some brands have quorn protein in them which he can't have) I don't work for MacSween just like their haggis a lot!

Wendy said...

Adore both versions!

Pia K said...

yes, beetroots are right up there with carrots on favourite veggie list as far as i'm concerned, julie.

thanks for the tip, xtiand, will definitely check that out! i actually haven't tried veggie haggis on the loaf dog, but i'm sure he'd enjoy it (he enjoy most stuff in the food way he gets...:)

well of course a scottish lass would, wendy...:)

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