Sunday, October 18, 2009

the gift of lilies

On a not so regular occasion (just the way I want it) a kind M brings me pink lilies. I've never said they're my favourites, but lilies it is and well, I'd be insane if I didn't love these gorgeously scented long lasting beauties, wouldn't I?


They usually begin their last days of life (which is the saddest thing about cut flowers and one reason for me not having them around much) in a vase on the bedroom window sill. I love watching the sun glistening behind them turning their pink delicateness almost see through. And I love their wonderful scent that slowly rocks me to sleep and just as gently wakes me.

As time goes, the scent does unfortunately grows a bit to strong for bedroom life. Then they will have to move to studio where they can serve as inspiration and beauty when I feel the creativity bug begging.


Does your kind someone bring you flowers?
If so, what kind of flowers might that be?


Anonymous said...

What a beauty your flowers are. Lovely photos. I love all kinds of flowers.


Poppy Q said...

We get lots of lillies here in the summer time, and I like to have them in the hall outside my bedroom, as they do often smell so strong.

No one buys me flowers, except myself. I usually stop and buy a tiny bunch, just a hand posy really every week from the sweet local florist ($2 US).

I have a wonderful bunch that I bought a few weeks ago to celebrate my mums birthday, she would want me to enjoy them.

Julie Q

Per Stromsjo said...

Being allergic to quite a few things in life, including the loveliest of flowers, I do appreciate being able to enjoy them here at a safe distance.

Been there, done that. Bringing them inside, putting them in a vase, placing the vase strategically and soon enough having to relocate the vase into a considerably less strategic location.

Beautiful they are.

Pia K said...

thanks, paz, yes i agree on most all flowers. nature is so generous and the exquisiteness of flowers are always impressive and much appreciated!

to be kind to oneself is very important, julie, well done to give yourself flowers regularly!

thanks, per! oh my, to not be able to enjoy the scents of all sorts, flowers in particular i suppose, that sounds dreadful... my sympathy you have.

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