Sunday, October 03, 2010

assorted sunday musings


It has been a relaxing weekend (much needed), the plethora of things I had planned (on a day that I felt very organized) pretty much flew their own mysterious way when I had a long lie-in on Saturday.

So no,

  • I have not cooked, baked and tried out new recipes a lot,
  • I have not finished a couple of books,
  • I have not washed and ironed some wearable things,
  • I have not finished a few knitted/crocheted projects,
  • I have not done all the cleaning and dusting and vacuuming that I would have if I'd been a good little housewife - which I'm so not and never wanted nor want to be, besides the possibly antique vacuum cleaner sat itself on fire for the second time last week. I think it's safe to say that it's dead tired of being an overworked underpaid cleaner in this house. I need a new vacuum. I will do my best to get a red one. Of course -
  • I have not finished a long overdue finishing touches painting project.
  • I, with designated helpers, have not sorted out the blogoversary give-away. (But will this week for sure.)

But yes,

  • I have baked a chocolate beetroot cake that was lovely, moist and chocolatey fabtastic. And loved by all,
  • I have continued on that crocheted project of last year - and I'm so planning to finish it soon! -,
  • I have booked more than a few domains - due to a almost-free-of-charge-first-year-campaign and it feels exciting to finally take that baby-step for some, but obviously something has held me back so major-step for me. So now it's *only* the re-working of old websites and setting up of new ones that's on the agenda. Hopefully that can become reality soon-ish -,
  • I have bought one Buttcrack Character - yup, for real - that will soon adorn and perk up my home-office desk. And when I've one day (soon-ish) spruced up, cleaned, re-arranged my creative space studio he will probably move in there and be part of my inspirational bunch,
  • I have drunk a whole lotta tea,
  • I have had good laughs, serious talks and inspirational thoughts in irl, online and on phone,
  • I have slept some beautiful sleeps.

I now hope that this is just the weekend that will get me through another week. Another week of a life that isn't *quite* as I had thought, hoped and planned after all those years at university and working qualified jobs (in some parts so much better, in some parts so much worse).

So, how was your weekend?


Per Stromsjo said...

A flammable vacuum! How's that for a bit of everyday drama?

Poppy Q said...

Great photo!! We had a lazy weekend of not doing much at all.

Åsa said...

Me like!
Tänk, jag har knappt mött en enda person som inte kan låta bli att säga "du fokuserar bara på vad du inte har/kan/gjort" så nu skrattar jag bara igenkännande i din post här :-) Det kunde lika gärna varit jag som inte gjort alla de saker ;-) Fast ibland svänger det åt andra hållet och någon kan säga "du ska alltid vara så positiv"(t ex när jag hävdar att man får benmuskler av att cykla omkring med en mtb i city då den andre bara tycker det är jobbigt att cykla).

Ska försöka sno åt mig lite beauty sleep nu inatt :-) Hoppas du kommit igenom veckan ok och får ha en skön och givande helg igen!

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