Wednesday, October 20, 2010

when the circus has left town

circus shoes

Close to "the place where I spend my days" is a vast field. Which I have found quite delightful in middle of a Stockholm suburb with architecture, style and vibe I find incredibly suffocating and uninspiring. The wild flowers and long grass swaying, the bumble bees and butterflies playing tag, yes it has been a summer sight for sore eyes.

Until one day. Then the circus had arrived, the cheap, tatty looking kind of circus with horrific looking amusement rides and shabby tents. And they had brutally cut down all the grass, all the wild flowers. Suddenly it was just a grey, scrubby field in the middle of that suburb in such desperate need of every little thing bright and beautiful. It made me sad.

Some days later the bedraggled circus that had turned the beautiful, viable meadow into a mess left the scene of crime against nature. Leaving behind not only a dismal field, but an odd shoe.

Meet the shoe that never left with the circus. The shoe that most probably never will make an appearance at
Shoe per Diem. The shoe that was honoured to meet a pair of shoes, socks and feet of a person that did care about that lovely grassy wild field, whose these days not so high spirits were lifted by that once upon a time green sight.

The shoe which will forever remain in that sad, destroyed meadow. Come rain, sun, mud, snow, storm, ice. While the person in the other shoes with feet in will move, on, forward, up.

circus shoes


Kea said...

Ah, but the field will renew itself next Spring, and become once again a glorious meadow.

But what of the person who wore the shoe? This makes me wonder what his life is like, whether he has another pair of shoes to keep his feet warm. Performers in a shabby circus must live a rather difficult life, I should think.

I AM sorry about your field, though, and would feel the same. We have a circus of sorts that takes place during our fall fair, but that's on fair grounds, so much-needed flowering meadows are safe.

Felis said...

I hate circus! To exploitation animals for human fun, this .... this is crime. Must be crime.
What say parents on his sweet child:
"See dear, these 'wild' animals are our slaves. They not are in wild nature, in their home, because we must to entertain. We love animals."
Such a hypocrites.

Hawk said...

Gud vad sorgligt.

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