Tuesday, October 19, 2010

clematis silliness


I had just given up hope for this wall side clematis to bloom at all this season 2010. It should bloom in July/August, it didn't. No bud signs. No real growth at all. It made me sad, but as I'm infamous for my lack of green fingers it was not that much of a surprise I suppose. In a way.

When I turned around the other day, after having duly documented the wine red beauties I suddenly saw that there was a whole lot of bloom going on, and green, and buds and prettiness on the wall.

More than a tad late to be discovering this on October 17. In Sweden.

But I'm pleased to see it's delicate purple abundance on the wall once again. I hope the weather won't be too harsh for some time yet. And I hope and pray to the garden deities - who can possibly override my lack of greenfingery - that it will blossom much earlier next year. Oh, and for many years to come of course.


Kea said...

Your clematis is lovely and yes, it's very late to bloom, at least from my perspective.

I'm actually amazed to see blooms this late in our area; there still are budding roses on a lawn I pass every day and today I actually saw sunflowers still in bloom. They're the only ones I've seen flowering this late in the year (I wasn't on my usual walking route).

So hurrah for your gorgeous purple blooms!

Poppy Q said...

Your blooms are lovely, they must have been waiting for the autumn sun and rain before they were ready.

It has been cool and cloudy here, and we are ready for our spring to return. Sunny weather is forecast on birthday day though.

Julie and Poppy Q

I am Juan said...

clematis?? hmmm.. nice plant.. here, in our country, i didn't seen that kind of plant at all... but, it looks nice.. by the way, can i ask? Is that plant have thorns? it seems it have.


Titania said...

Hi Pia, I had to go a long way back to read and enjoyed myself very much.
The purple Clematis looks very special against the red wall. I think the main thing is that it has put out so many beautiful flowers. Better late then never. Clematis like a cool, in the shade root system. If the plant is in a very hot and sunny spot the foot of the plant should be covered, mulched. It might be, that its roots were to hot in summer. As it got cooler it flowered. Have a very nice and sunny weekend. T. (little Loafie looks as cute as ever.)

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