Saturday, October 23, 2010

a granny circle victory


Eureka, I've finally figured out how to make granny circles - as opposed to all the squares - this may be such a teenie weenie step for humankind, a pretty large one for me. One of those quite significant but seemingly small everyday victories on a personal level.

I had a go with my favourite colour combo, pink-green. Add a dash of red and beige (every little ball thrifted charity wool yarn or old left-overs from previous projects). And now I can't seem to stop crocheting these. Because guess how many combinations you can produce from eight different colours... Since last evening I have made a reasonably impressive amount of granny circles. I even fear I may have a budding crochet shoulder/upper arm. Darn.

I'm thinking these circles (can we call them magic circles? Because squares seem predictable and rather boring compared to the magic of circles. So yes, magic there is) will be put together as a perky winter pillow. Or a wee blanket. Or, who knows, I'll continue crocheting until there's an impressive pile of them and then figure out the rest. Because now is the time of roundness, magic and me.

PS Yes, I will finish some of last year's projects pretty soon, I will. Looking forward to actually showing something that's completely finished an not only in my head or in process DS

PPS And yes, as you can see, the lawn is once again green. Big sigh of relief heard. I actually don't want to see that white thing again until mid November at the earliest. Touch wood, fingers crossed, sincere birthday wish DS


Kea said...

Hurrah for granny, a.k.a. magic, circles! They're lovely! They look complicated. LOL.

Every time I see one of your crochet posts, I have the urge to buy some wool and knit something (since I don't know how to crochet). :-)

And double hurrah for GREEN grass again!

A Bun Can Dance said...

Oh I love these! Yes, there is magic in the circular shape and so much less predictable too. Pink and green again - ooooh the very best !
D x

Felis said...

They are gorgeous!

Hawk said...

Mycket snyggt! Hur sätter man ihop dem?

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