Saturday, October 30, 2010

punch chocolate creams


One childhood favourite Saturday candy was the very Swedish "punschpralin". A small chewy chocolate cream flavoured with the Swedish liqueur punch - yes, such a small amount that it's still suitable for children to enjoy. If one gets sick it'll most probably be because of the sugar and not the liqueur - covered in sprinkles.

In those days the "punschpralin" came in boxes, these days they can only be found in the pick'n mix candy section in super markets and candy stores. Sadly their texture and flavour long since changed from the loveliness it used to be, thus I haven't had them in years.

But suddenly my Saturday-candy-sweet-tooth (you clearly know what I'm saying here, right?) screamed for "punschpralin" and we bought us a little bag (sadly not in that once treasured box). My palate's verdict is that they may certainly me a nice candy experience for someone who hasn't had them before. But too sickly sugary to be as perfection yum as they were with the original recipe. Ah, those good ol' "punschpralin" days...


1 comment:

Kea said...

They *look* fabulous! And they appear to be dark chocolate, which is the best. Yum!

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