Thursday, October 28, 2010

clever cat thursday ~ the yarn guardians


Unfortunately I seem to have contracted some kind of inflammation in my right hand, especially the thumb area which is really sore. Thus making it impossible to crochet, knit, as well as spend the usual amount of time with camera and computer. Or lift things.

I did have, but that was many years ago, a serious, very painful case of mouse-arm which I've since managed to keep at bay (touch wood). I'm hoping (as I really can't keep my fingers crossed right now) this won't develop into something like that again. I'm trying to rest the hand. Being kind to it. Which is very difficult. Such a nuisance this. And a great birthday gift...

When one can't work the yarns it's good to rely on the guardians of the yarn bags. It seems they even try to make some stuff themselves.

Or have I been completely fooled by their purring grovelling? Still not sure.



Kea said...

Does ice and then heat help the inflammation? I'm not sure if that's what you're supposed to do. Anti-inflammatories like Ibuprofen? Do you need physiotherapy?

I'm sending lots of healing Light that you feel better soon!

Felis said...

Get well soon!

Pia K said...

thank you both! i did rest my hand from yarny matters and rubbed it with anti-inflammatory creams at the time. i try not to overdo it since, and both rest and stretch a lot.

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