Sunday, October 17, 2010

thank goodness for sunday shoes


It's been a rather hellish week, for several reasons -

same major issue as always, the in vain searching for a decent source of income, yes, such old, sad, annoying, crappeti crap not even news but constantly being the major pain and nuisance in the life of mine. I'm so tired beyond words (which says a lot...) to write, tell, plain, rant, put my wrath to blog, so I'll just leave it at that -

thus when Sunday came I wasn't all that eagerly looking forward to another round of a week of same situation to start, again. But it turned out to be a rather sweet round off to that hellish kind of week.

Because the sun shone, we were able to enjoy what possibly will be the very last outdoor fika - the Swedish coffee break-y thing - saw some enjoyable things, met some nice humans and non-humans, wore a pair of stripey socks and... as a tad pre-birthday treat I got a pair of lovely *surprise* shoes. (As a gift, mind you, so yes there may actually be touch of reason to my bitsie-witsie of shoe-madness, ha to that).

As I do love my Oxfords for autumn I was delighted when I spotted the fine El Naturalista Tesela model as just that. Even more so when they were actually available in shop, in Stockholm, in my size, in the wine-red hue I coveted (I don't drink wine, but this kind of Rioja I adore). And that also being the only one pair of that model, colour, size available in Stockholm it was quite obviously written in my birthday-stars they should be mine, right? Right.


Yes, I'm very much still blue, wilting and in despair -

which I obviously try and keep out of blog as much as possible, because this place I like to have as a sanctuary from those tiresome, wretched parts of my life. A place of good things, good thoughts, an outlet for ideas. Because such things are what make all the others seem reasonably bearable

some days, some weeks more than others. On those days a new pair of shoes, superficial as it is/seems, helps an awful lot to see things in another light. To count one's blessings, when other matters look bleak, to take yet another step forward (wearing perky shoes).

An then, a hearty, healthy, simple chickpea soup and a good movie to round off weekend do a world of good too.



Kea said...

So, besides the fabulous shoes, how shall you celebrate your birthday this year? I saw that it's coming up, on the 25th. :-)

Felis said...

Same for me. For additional income now I try PTC site and will see.

Lola Nova said...

So sorry your going through the yuck still. However, both pairs of shoes pictured, plus stripey socks, make me smile! So glad there was sunshine and happy shoes for you!

Erica said...

Such cute shoes! Perhaps your life's calling is to be a spokesperson or designer or model for el naturalista?? After all, you have not only introduced me to the brand, but instilled a desire to own a pair myself. :-)

I do hope the job thing gets better for you. Sending happy job vibes your way!

P.K said...

Great shoes, and a fabulous colour. Jobs are overrated. Maybe you should look for something you never thought of doing? Wishing you all the best.

julochka said...

jobs are overrated tho' sadly money is not. if it's any consolation, you could have my job...literally, as they've posted it b/c I'm moving to a different one...not that it's a great job. but it keeps me in shoes.

Poppy Q said...

Ohhhhh I love your almost birthday shoes. So far I have got almost birthday top, necklace and am picking out some rings on ETSY.

Julie Q

Quail said...

They do some cute shoes for sure. And they have some decent eco credentials! Thanks for posting good recipes. I'm copying some now!

Spencer Richards said...

Love your "pumped up kicks" ha ha. Hope your week is just like your Sunday....

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