Monday, October 11, 2010


south african field 2007

From the first glimpse I was hypnotized by the documentary "HOME" by awe-inspiring photographer Yann Arthus-Bertrand. After a while I began bawling, now my body aches and I feel sick and exhausted. It's a horrific, amazing, painfully beautiful in every frame movie about how we, the despicable human race, are destroying the cycle of life that we have been given on this earth.

And no matter what one feels about the accuracy of reasons for global warming it's quite undeniable that the human breed is the one and only living being behind toxic industrial emissions, the constantly ongoing use and abuse of other species for our own twisted pleasures, the devastation of rain forests and natural habitats and so forth in an endless, sickening way.

To watch this documentary should be a mandatory eye-opener for EVERY HUMAN on this ONE PLANET.

The whole
HOME movie can be watched at YouTube, but I completely recommend it to be watched on a big screen. More reading can be done at the website


P.K said...

It truly is disturbing that humans have destroyed and continue to destroy this beautiful planet. I get much too emotional to watch or read about our destruction. At least as an individual I can do small things to increase environmental awareness and be politically vocal.

Felis said...

I'm not watch this film, but this reasons make me feel same (" the despicable human race"). Often I think Stephenie Meyer (The Host) was right and we have to lose/take away this planet before destroy it.

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