Wednesday, October 27, 2010

iphone pillow stand


In the realm of "didn't know I needed one but wow is it nifty and useful really" I've purchased a gift to the iPhone. (Yeah, I'm crazy like that.) It's red, pink, dotty and made from sturdy fabric and filled with grains.

Finally I've got something that's made for helping the phoney thing stand upright - which the lack of surprisingly often have been a nuisance - and not only a book or pillow or something that didn't work that well.

Good for the iPod too. And I'm guessing any small device/phone. (There are pillows for larger devices also.)


I got mine at Dog Named Banjo shop on Etsy. She has lots of lovely fabrics. I oohed over the elephant fabric, but went for the, not surprisingly, pink and red one in the end.

1 comment:

Robyn said...

Oh! What lovely pictures! Thanks for featuring my item on your blog. I'm so glad it arrived safely :-) -Robyn

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