Friday, October 22, 2010

the day snow came to town


Which for 2010 is October 22. Too too soon for my liking.


Even more so given the recent clematis bloom... As well as other flowers which aren't ready to say bye for this year yet. November. Decemberish. That's alright. But October, oh no. This is AUTUMN, the season of crisp air, blue skies, sun glistening through orange-red-yellow foliage. And now and then the odd gloomy rainy day. Not snow.


It will probably (touch wood) only be a short visit of white. But still, just the sudden sight of a new landscape this morning made my heart sink (even more). And that not only for the nasty electrical bills to come. Just the other day we had fika outdoors. Just the other week I began wearing socks. Barely a month since it was Autumnal equinox. Add a month and it was barelegged summer. Lamentations, too soon, too soon.


Loaf dog seems reasonably pleased though. The white stuff is fun. In moderate quantities. And with a door-opener that acts on the slightest attention-seeking loaf whine of it being too cold, too, white, too wet, too lonely.



Kea said...

Well, Loaf Dog really is adorable, particularly in that last photo, but...s-n-o-w. OMG, OMG, it's FAR too early for that, even though it all will melt (I hope!).

Felis said...

To me also it seems to earlier.
This afternoon I enjoy a sunny autumn, after many gloomy rainy days. This year there were no good autumn days... I'm not ready for snow.
But on last photo Little Loaf is adorable, little angel!!!

Shaheen said...

Too too soon for me too.


A Bun Can Dance said...

Oh golly! Snow, so soon ?!!
I'm sorry for you that it has arrived already - little Malte seems delighted though! I really hope it keeps far away from here for a few more months. Usually we get snow in February ... fingers crossed!
Stay warm, Pia, and keep snug,
Denise x

Beth said...

We are having 90 degrees with 98% humidity, very unseasonable. Even snow looks great it's so hot!!!!

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