Sunday, October 10, 2010

red vacuum


I may have a certain fondness for a certain kind of shoes. And possibly other trick and treats. But there are some things in life I'm not the least bit interested in spending money on, like new furniture. And household appliances in general. And vacuum cleaners in particular.

I've always had hand-me-downs vacuums. As I really detest the cheap massproduced throwaway mentality of our modern not so enlightened as we like to think society, I'm more than happy with getting second hand stuff like this.

I think I've gone through three vacuums since I moved to my own place once upon time. They have all worked perfectly well for a reasonably amount of time. This last one apparently turned 27 years old this year, I've had it for three-ish years. It suffered from two mini-fires during the past few months, so it felt time to say a final goodbye.

When it was time to actually
buy a vacuum, there were three criteria high on my list; good quality for a reasonable price and the colour. Red. As the pieces of fluff in residence corners had started to take the unmistakable shape of quite possible new species I'm glad I didn't have to search for too long for those three criteria to meet in one vacuum cleaner.

So the one big thing on my
long-to-do-weekend-list I actually managed to get done was - get a red vacuum. I am now the first time owner of a brand new vacuum. A very snazzy red one. It's chubby, it's light, it's cute, it's fast. The vacuum cleaners' equivalent to a flash sportscar. (Yes, so zingy it even made an appearance on shoe per diem.)

I took it for a first spin around the house today. Its suction power being great, its sound being not so. Actually kind of jetplane-landing-in-living- room deafening. One wouldn't expect that much noise from such a small and neat appliance. But deafening it is. Though it sucks good, it's flexible, it's made in Germany and it is red. And there are earplugs.



P.K said...

That is one snazzy little vacuum cleaner. I have a red Henry.

Kea said...

I was more struck by the funky tights (or socks) and "bloomers!"

Ah, vacuums. That one does look snazzy. I hate my upright; it was cheap and I needed one badly. It's fine for carpet, not good on all the bare floor. I hate it. Eventually I want a *good* canister vacuum. Mom had one she passed on to me, a couple of decades ago or more, and it lasted for 30 years or so all told. Heavy canister (metal, not plastic), Sears Kenmore PowerMate. It was terrific. They don't make them like that anymore, more's the pity.

Poppy Q said...

It is cute, your little vacumn cleaner and we love the photo with Malte in front of it. I have a little blue one and will use it til it catches on fire. My only requisites are bagless and good suction.

Julie Q

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