Wednesday, October 06, 2010

trabi safari


Yes, I think the Trabant model - forever intertwined with what once were East- and West-Berlin/Germany - is really quirky cute to look at. With a unique, perky Trabi sound.

trabi safari berlin

Yes, I'm all for creative entrepreneurship, picking up the pieces of a past that was far from always good, turning it into something new and making one's own fortune.

trabi safari berlin

The fact that the car is about as safe as a cardboard box on wheels, well, the driving and being driven around in one, can simplified be up to each and everyone.

trabi safari berlin

Thus as an idea I think the Trabi-Safari business is applaudable indeed.


But what I do object to is the fact - given their history, add fumes visible and smelled - that these pug-nosed, huggable-looking things spew out a despicable amount of nasty emissions compared to modern cars with exhaust emission control.

trabi safari berlin

Leaving, as far as I'm concerned, quite a bitter tang and acrimonious aftertaste to the sight and the notion of Trabi-Safari.



Åsa said...

Men vad festligt, fast så sant så sant det du skriver. De ser himla fina ut trots allt. Eller kanske för att det är så många av samma sort på en och samma plats. Har du varit där? Det är väl dina bilder? Skulle inte våga köra/åka en Trabant idag :/
Cyklar hellre ;-)

Top Rated Cameras said...

Wow. That car looks really good! :D The pink one is really cute!

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