Friday, October 15, 2010

mooncake, no mooncake


I was very much looking forward to trying the traditional Chinese moon cake - served at the Chinese Mid-Autumn festival - that M brought home from a business trip to China recently.

Alas I was sorely disappointed. They smelled quite non-vegetarian. The table of contents was illegible. And apparently lard is often used instead of vegetable oil. Thus, no moon cake for me. The winter birds will be very happy though, getting moon cake pieces.


And me, I got a pretty (although very kitsch and not really my cup of design/style tea per se) tin.

With a "Beauty Knife And Fork" plastic set. Just what I always wanted.



Kea said...

Too bad about the moon cake, it looks delicious!

Poppy Q said...

I agree, it looks very pretty but I'd not be eating it either.

Julie Q

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