Tuesday, October 12, 2010

the digs of mr muddy loaf


The garden ornaments have now been safely tucked away in shed due to frost arriving - and really, this only a couple of months after the summer of all heat waves - but the garden is still perfectly good for digging pits, doing the loafy business and such important matters. (And apparently some flowers are very very late in bloom.)

I'm thinking this very clever looking loaf fella is up for a shave sometime soon. I'm sure he'll disagree on the appropriateness of that. A tad of mud and shrub has never done any harm. Quite the opposite even. At least from a rather clever loaf dog's point of view.

Happy Mud Loaf Tuesday!



Kea said...

He looks adorable to me, but I can understand how you'd rather not have bits of the garden brought into the house all the time! (My cats do that; I'm forever cleaning up after them.)

Poppy Q said...

Malte, you look so sweet out in the garden next to your gnome.

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