Saturday, October 16, 2010

cheese is party


Admittedly I'm no great fan of cheese (if not halloumi of course), too few vegetarian such ones around (at least in Sweden) and that aside I'm not big on eating the more stinky kind of food. But I think this is one great little (once upon a time cheese filled) crate. "Ost är fest" = Cheese is party.

Gift from M. Found at favourite charity shop Erikshjälpen past summer. About 2$ he paid for it. Now it serves as a tea strainer holder. Holding a fine place on my (from same charity shop) red kitchen buffet. Tea is party.


Kea said...

Mmmm, cheese! I eat it every day. LOL. That's my main source of protein! (No offense intended--that I'm not vegan, I mean.)

That crate is very useful for a lot of things, I expect!

Pia K said...

ha, ha, you're like wallace (in wallace and gromit) then! ah well, i'm no vegan either, but vegetarian;) if made without rennet, i do enjoy a cheese piece now and then too.

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