Friday, February 18, 2011

first week

It's been a bewildering first week at new place. Overall really very good, office being fresh, nice and airy (next week I'll so have a session in that high-tech massage armchair), people friendly and helpful, seemingly very much appreciate me being there.

I've had lots and lots of interesting inputs and heard of many fascinating projects (the things we do not know, the dynamic work being done clandestinely, wow, wow, wow...). The tasks in themselves, well, not really me, rather unqualified, non-creative and unstructured, but the things and people around this, overall, surprisingly, giving off really very positive vibes.

This will not be forever, this will be a good stepping stone for what I do want, soon, that true calling.

Until then I do have the most adorable painting visible from my day-desk. See what I see ~

february 14, 2011 - precious


heidikins said...

I'm so glad you are liking the new place! Charming painting. ;)


Felis said...

I hope to feel good on new place, Pia! Good luck !
Very strong painting simple, but heartwarming.

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