Wednesday, February 09, 2011

the king's speech

february 7, 2011 - the king's speech

We hadn't been to the cinema for ages -

not a lot of new movies that interests me these days, these years, going to the cinema is pricey, watching a movie while quite possibly enduring other peoples' bad habits, well, not so much fun and you can't knit while watching, nor have a pee- or tea-break without missing parts of the film -

so the other day it was time for not only the first cinema visit of 2011, but also the first in a long, long time. We saw "The King's Speech" and it was lovely. Multi-layered, brimming with all those excellent British actors one adore (like Dumbledore, Ivanhoe, Claudius, Elizabeth Bennet and such). Made in that quality and uttermost care for details way only (almost) British movies and TV-series are. And not only because Colin Firth played the main character. Scenography exquisite, every scene like a memorable-moment-in-life-postcard.

How many Oscars will it win, that is the question.

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Richard Lawry said...

I want to see The Kings Speech. Hope to be able to soon.

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