Saturday, February 05, 2011

not a sporty animal


Many years ago I spotted this postcard. And it spoke to me. A catlike animal saying "how fortunate I am to not having become a sporty animal" - how spot on for me!

Because oh yes, I'm quite possibly the least bit sporty animal on this earth (to exercise in moderation and be active for health reason is not equal with being sporty), in fact I do truly loath sports. Such a brainless waste of energy, time and money. IMHO, personally I think and all that.

Postcard by quirky Swedish artist and silversmith Lisa Tofft, whose little animalistic feel-good book with high recognition factor "Jag är faktiskt väldigt mjuk på magen" (I am actually very soft on my tummy. 'said the hedgehog') is a little gem. She has her studio in Kivik, in the vicinity of Kiviks musteri and not too far from Friden gårdskrog. Such surrounding do inspire good thoughts. I just knew it.


KC said...

I couldn't agree with you more :)

julochka said...

very appropriate what with the super bowl just around the corner. :-) (or rather, just over, as i write this.)

Kea said...

I admit I'm not a "sporty" person, either! Going for a walk is about all I do. Team sports never interested me, though I do like to watch some things, like downhill skiing and rowing.

Anonymous said...

LOL! I like this animal. ;-)


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