Saturday, February 19, 2011

moo-cards february 2011 edition


With the beginnings of new things in my life, I contemplated the various details and information I have on different MOO-cards and realized I did need (as if such an excuse should be necessary to get them, ahem...) some new business cards. Different people, different situations do call for different contact information. Some people I want to share more information with (websites), other just the basics (name, occupations, email and telephone).


Instead of the usual perky info-side I chose grey this time, easier in case I'd like to add some with a pen. I also chose the wee robot as the reverse-side pic, thinking he sends structurized yet humorous vibes and complementing the (mostly) colourful obverse.

I spent this day, my Saturday, on a job-related assembly, which was kind of mind-blowing and very touching in parts. Surprisingly so. It was lovely, gave loads of food for thoughts. Will tell more later, it's all about acting glocally, interesting, important, to challenge accustomed perspectives and approaches. And yes, some of these new cards have found their way to new contacts.

The more I'm familiar with which kind of photos work well with the green (recycled) MOO-cards and their way of cropping, the better the end result is. I'm very very pleased with these. They're oozing bouncy, happy, optimistic, creative, multilayered playfulness - or maybe that's just me thinking like this these days. Be as that may, delighted am I.



Felis said...

I very like your moo-cards, they are so positive and charming!

julochka said...

love your moo cards, love the thoughts about green acting glocally. and love the happy, bouncy thing. reading this post may just help me make it through february (which seems to be lasting FOREVER!).

Pia K said...

thank you kindly, felis and julie!

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