Sunday, February 20, 2011



The week before Christmas last year we visited a Christmas fair/Refurn open warehouse at Stjärnhov in December 2010.


The idea behind ReFurn (which is a clever little name) is reduce-reuse-recycle. They have a store in a Stockholm suburb (so far haven't visited there) as well as this huge warehouse a couple of hours drive south of Stockholm, an old barn situated at the manor named Stjärnhov (stjärna = star, hov = court or hoof). ReFurn has apparently been around since 1994, but I only heard about it last year or so. They've also won environmental prices for their work.


The barn (which very much still looked and smelled like one, it was all very authentic and quite charming, despite the bitter cold) was absolutely brimming with fantastic stuff. And not so fantastic too of course. But why buy new furniture when there's a goldmine of recycled things that look awesome as they are and things that would look great with a coat of paint or some other nifty upcycling?

refurn sofa
love this sofa,
cats would destroy it without
a moments of fur-hesitation

refurn barn

refurn stairway

refurn analog
once upon an analog time...

refurn barn


There was a shoe per diem moment. There was the shopping of a red lampshade, books for bookcrossing and there was an armchair, a fabulous armchair that will have its own post tomorrow-ish. Yes it was all very enlightening and lovely. Definitely also a place to (re)visit or donate one's old furniture and stuff too.


Ulvsundavägen 151, Bromma (Stockholm)
Stjärnhovs Säteri, Gnesta
how to get there


P.K said...

Looks like a great place. I can't remember the last time I bought a new piece of furniture. Maybe a lamp a couple of years ago. Though I do find that one has to go quite often to these types of places to find what you need.

Floss said...

It looks great! I had incredible luck (of the practical variety) in one of our nearest Troc shops today - quite a similar venue, I guess. Our kitchen shelves, always unsatisfactory, had fallen down, and I found a set to replace them for only 11€! It's not what I would have paid 70€ for, but it was cheap, reused, ideal really... At the same time I picked up quite a few serving bowls to replace the ones I've been breaking recently. I hope these ones survive longer.

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