Saturday, February 12, 2011

princess cakes galore

february 4, 2011 - princess cakes

The classic Swedish cake "prinsesstårta", princess cake (cream cake with topping, green one with pink rose being the original) amigurumi style. I have to say I am quite quite pleased with end result. They're all super sweet, in many flavours, in many colours.


I mean, for the love of colours,
why have only green ones (though pretty as they are)
when one can have...


a mandarin princess cake with a reversed-twin or...


go all the way pink, reversed-twins
(yes I totally adore the notion of that),


lavender and rose twins -

if one didn't think Valentine's Day is a complete
commercial hullabaloo than anything authentic
it would be a perfect li'l thing, I suppose -


and last, but not least, of course the classic green one
should have a reversed-twin.

Next I'm thinking it would be nice with a blueberry cake, a lemon cake (which of course would become a really Swedish cake). And chocolate/mocha cakes (like the semla).


The more, the merrier, at least when it comes to (show bread) cakes. I'm thinking Alice in Wonderland-ish tea-partyesque. These were such a treat to make, such a treat to look at. True happy cakes. From start to finish. Heart.

january 20, 2011 - prinsesstårta in the making

Edit: they are now listed in Etsy-shop,
just for the fun of it
they're just too much work
for me being able to offer them
for those often incredibly
low Etsy-prices...


pärlbesatt said...

Min lillprinsessa undrar om hon får köpa några?

Skriv till mejladressen, för som du kanske märkt så är jag ju off-Fejan...

Och de är ljuvliga liksom alla dina amigurami-alster.

Felis said...

"They're all super sweet," definitely. I liked most the classic green but other are delicious too. :) And photos with all = colors of happiness.

Thought Bubble Ten said...

I don't have a particularly sweet tooth but these pictures made me wish I was close to a cake shop and that it was 9 in the morning and not 3.08am so I could go get some sweets :)

Nice to have discovered your blog through BC :)

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