Tuesday, February 22, 2011

on the name day


Another year has passed, another name day (Swedish namnsdag) has come. February 22nd, Pia-day. Although one never needs an excuse to get tulips of course.

Last year's namnsdag wasn't a good one. I may be in a more pleasing mood this year, though instead alas I've managed to sprain my ankle. It could be worse, but still it's swollen and aches and being name day and all, I think I will pity myself a bit extra still. While enjoying orange tulip gorgeousness.

These are locally cultivated by company Alverbäcks, grown without pesticides in greenhouses run on biofuel. Read more about their work here (in Swedish only).



Kea said...

The tulips are just gorgeous! So lovely for me to see them, on yet another snowy day here.

So sorry about your sprained ankle, though -- I do hope it heals quickly!

heidikins said...

Tulips are possibly my favorite flower--I absolutely love them.

Happy Name Day! Hope your ankle heals quickly!


Felis said...

I missed to congrats for your name day, sorry.
I hope your ankle is better now! Get well soon!

Pia K said...

thank you all for you well-wishes!

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