Sunday, February 27, 2011

sock monkey


Which isn't a sock monkey-sock monkey but a monkey (sadly not made by me, but by Noa Noa) hanging out with socks. The two very last (for self), I swear, magical socks knitted for this season. Next winter I promise to begin wearing them a l l too. I really do. Yup.







Sock monkey.
Simple as that. Quirky as that.
Colour purple and orange-pink-red.



Kea said...

Oh, I do love those socks! And the monkey is adorable--which says a lot, since I'm not fond of primates in general. :-)

D @ Homemade & Happy said...

I love the monkey - and the socks look so very snug and cosy - gorgeous colours!
have a lovely weekend :-)
D x

Nananko20002 said...


Bailey Christine said...

Love the monkey, soooo so cute!

Jagger said...

LOVE the socks. Min mormor knits loads for me, all year round, two pairs for Xmas, a pair for easter, a pair for my birthday...
But HOW do you wash them?? So many times have I made a mistake and shrunk them.... :(

Pia K said...

thanks, kea! what, not fond of primates, who are such a delight (and without we would not be, which on the other hand would have been a blessing for mother earth...)

hi, d, and thank you very much:)

thanks, christine:)

thank you kindly, jasmin! i think this yarn says wool wash in machine, but of course handwash is always ok (given the socks aren't too dirty:)

Pia K said...

thanks, enya!

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