Sunday, February 27, 2011

sock monkey


Which isn't a sock monkey-sock monkey but a monkey (sadly not made by me, but by Noa Noa) hanging out with socks. The two very last (for self), I swear, magical socks knitted for this season. Next winter I promise to begin wearing them a l l too. I really do. Yup.







Sock monkey.
Simple as that. Quirky as that.
Colour purple and orange-pink-red.



Kea said...

Oh, I do love those socks! And the monkey is adorable--which says a lot, since I'm not fond of primates in general. :-)

D @ Homemade & Happy said...

I love the monkey - and the socks look so very snug and cosy - gorgeous colours!
have a lovely weekend :-)
D x

Enya Mohamed said...


Bailey Christine said...

Love the monkey, soooo so cute!

Jasmin Please said...

LOVE the socks. Min mormor knits loads for me, all year round, two pairs for Xmas, a pair for easter, a pair for my birthday...
But HOW do you wash them?? So many times have I made a mistake and shrunk them.... :(

Pia K said...

thanks, kea! what, not fond of primates, who are such a delight (and without we would not be, which on the other hand would have been a blessing for mother earth...)

hi, d, and thank you very much:)

thanks, christine:)

thank you kindly, jasmin! i think this yarn says wool wash in machine, but of course handwash is always ok (given the socks aren't too dirty:)

Pia K said...

thanks, enya!

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