Monday, February 21, 2011

the heather hues shawl


Finally, the wool project I began crocheting about two months ago is finally finished. It hasn't been a complicated thing, but reasonably much work for little growth and no it hasn't been a priority project at all. Just a convenient something I've returned to when I've felt like nothing else was on the yarny agenda.

Plus, it was said the shawl called for 3 fairly large skeins, but in the end, to make it a reasonable size for a grown-up human I had to use 7, it felt like one constantly had to pop by yarn-shop for a refill (and once there of course one couldn't buy just that skein...).


But now finished, gift receiver is very pleased with result. I am too, especially with the cute rim and most of all, of which I obviously can't take any credit whatsoever, how fantastic the heather colours of the yarn looks when coming to life in a bigger piece like this. Wouldn't you agree?



Kea said...

It's gorgeous, Pia! Congratulations on finishing it -- and its recipient is very lucky indeed!

Pia K said...

thanks, kea!

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