Saturday, February 26, 2011

the transformer goggles

new glasses

Ever since the new glasses I was in desperate need of little over a year ago -

I have to say the experience of having once again glasses with correct lens strength was such a lovely rediscovery after having used mainly contact lenses for some years, that I've used glasses instead of contacts most days since. And with those neat Polaroid sunglasses slip-ons, contacts have become kind of superfluous in my life. The nerdy academic look is most always a good thing, me firmly thinks - I've been meaning to get me another two pairs (good price for one pair, irresistible price for two).

Because having a glasses wardrobe must be considered a good good thing, clearly one needs different glasses for different moods. To perk oneself up, to make an impression, to blend in and so forth.

I'm so very uninterested in brand glasses, for me it's all about the model, quality and price. You wear them til they're worn, until you need new lens strength, until they're scratched and I've never experienced a fancy brand to last longer or to be more comfortable. Every glasswear ought to be cheap to make, it's just silly to think you pay for some extraordinary quality when you pay top dosh for your glasses.

I've also found that this low-price optician have had the best professional opticians I've ever been to, the service is quick and efficient, the assistants are very friendly, the showroom is spacious, the supply of different eyeglass models is huge. And only a few days after you've placed your order in store you get a text saying they're ready to be picked up.

So when I popped by that optician the other week, to just have a look really, I loved a particular quirky pair which I just couldn't part from and then I got a simpler pair for those inconspicuous days and then it turned out I could do with a tad stronger lenses so why not order...

I picked them up today. I'm still a bit dizzy with this extra strength, but I have to say I love the oversized crazy-professor-glasses. When I chose them we debated that one does have a lot to live up to wearing them, some days one does, others one does not. But right now I have this distinct feeling they do make wonders for a crappy shape of the day, being veritable transformer goggles.

The other pair are rather discreet, in a more subdued quirky way. Yes, I'm most pleased with my purchase for the eyes only.

shoe per diem, feb 26, 2011 - new glasses

I'm thinking it would be nice adding the other glasses to this post at a later date. Or perhaps I should see if I can find my old old glasses, some scratched silly, some fallen apart and make an installation of Pia-glasses. Ah, the mind wanders...


Felis said...

Beautiful glasses!
Two seems me fun, for two personality once serious and other funny. I'm not from people who accept glasses for accessories. They are too much part of me, so can't change with clothes like earrings. Usually when is necessary new lens strength I use same frame.
You have to make an installation of Pia-glasses it will be interesting, I think.

Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

Hi Pia, I enjoy reading your posts and looking at your photographs. We appear to have some things in common :) Looking forward to following your blog.

Pia K said...

thanks you, felis! how interesting, how different we can see things, something as seemingly simple as glasses can be considered too-much-a-part-of-wearer to be looked as at accessories. i learnt something new today here, thanks:)

thanks for stopping by, tharinduharsh.

thank you for kind words, siv maria!

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