Monday, February 07, 2011

no dairy, perhaps


In my effort to eat less dairy (and hopefully, possibly exclude it completely one day...) I've been trying the vegan version of sour milk and yogurt, oatgurt and soygurt. Can't say I'm completely won over. The taste of the plain ones is so-so (I have a blueberry version in fridge that I haven't tried yet). And even if too much dairy doesn't agree with my stomach, I have to say, neither do these. Not too pleased about all the additives in them. Like rapeseed oil in dairy-substitutes, seems quite out of place to me. Surely all food, vegan or not would benefit from fewer additives, being less processed?

And then there's the palm oil issue. I'm really, really not okay with it in food (or beauty) products, vegan or not.


P.K said...

I have tried non dairy products as well, and found them not edible. Rice milk and almond milk don't appeal to me either. I suppose that anything that is created from something not liquid will have to undergo processing. I have tried being vegan unsuccessfully. My conclusion was that one cannot substitute foods and it would be better not to eat a western diet. Too challenging for me.

julochka said...

i find i don't get along with the soy "milk" based products...they make me nearly instantly nauseated. and on several occasions, i actually threw up (it took several because i didn't realize what was doing it after a soy chai latte) - but possibly it was the additives, not the soy itself, since i can eat endless amounts of edamame. :-) but in general, i'm all for conscious consumption.

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