Tuesday, February 15, 2011

smart dog tuesday - mind one's loafie step


Oh noes, when one is a little loaf post-snowstorm weather is really tricky. One is always best guided by the tongue, even more so in this weather.


Before some has shoveled garden, one is forced to pee on veranda. That is of course very obvious.



And after the shovelling, one is quickly forced to deem it very insufficient and unsatisfying from a loaf dog's point of view. You there, someone, it really wouldn't do you any harm working that body a bit more, you know. Keep on shovelling.


I mean, there's just a limited amount
of guiding work a loafie tongue can do.


So, where can we put in a serious complaint about all this,
liquorice nose, tongue and I?


canvas artwork online said...

very cute

mireille said...

love these photos.. one can almost feel l'icy frost... Superbe

Belbe said...

icy smart for the dog
really nice shots
Bien à toi !

Anonymous said...

That dog sure seems to like the snow.

Felis said...

Sweet little loaf! It's good to be a little dog with a big heart. You can enjoy the snow even when the others are already tired of winter.

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