Friday, February 25, 2011

lustans lakejer

february 17, 2011 - lustans lakejer

Went to a concert the other week, with the Swedish 1980ies band Lustans Lakejer (The Lackeys of Desire, and apt name for that time-period, similar in music-style to Ultravox, Duran Duran and Roxy Music) which I really enjoyed back then - yes, most good music was made in the 8oies, end of discussion - which I'll try and summarize in a non lengthy post.

lustans lakejer

Not all music, not all bands age well. The jury of Pia is still out on this one. In parts I quite enjoy it still. In others it feels (quite the opposite to what I once thought as a synth-music loving teenager) immature, weak and outdated. The very appealing decadent style and music then is rather... silly now. Ah, the pros and cons of growing older, wiser...

But the big drawback was the concert venue, I'm way to ol... discerning to enjoy the standing all evening with people constantly shuffling around and pushing with beer and wine-glasses threatening to spill. Not my idea of fun, no matter how good the music is. I like a seat, I like to stand when I feel like it, dance when I want and no I'm not fond of getting spilled on.

So, in the end we had some nice drinks and sat talking in the bar instead. Which was really lovely. All and all that was actually the best thing about the evening, good company, not the music.

Plus, earlier that evening, a spur of the moment thing, I finally got around to ordering two pair of new glasses. Which I'm pretty excited about since one pair are very overzied-crazy-professor-like (the other pair more subdued). More of them later, needless to say.

lustans lakejer

--- More information on Lustans Lakejer here and on Facebook and of course some of their old and new songs are on YouTube. ---


Heather said...

I completely agree about needing seating. Even in my younger days, when I went to see a band a week at a local place and about one a month at larger concert type places, I hated standing, getting shoved, and getting spilled on. I love to dance but sometimes one just wants to sit and enjoy. Not to mention, with all the pushing around, I'm fairly certain I've had a bone or two in my foot broken.

Pia K said...

hear, hear to that, heather! (minus the broken bones in foot, *ouch* and touch wood)

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