Friday, February 04, 2011

for the sweet eye

january 25, 2011 - marie antoinette cupcake ring

Something sweet I treated myself to. The first order from Etsy for 2011, quite befitting for what I want 2011 to be, sweet and irresistible. Maybe not always practical but always brimming of creativity and craftsmanship.


The above very lickable (not that I have done that, oh no) Marie Antoinette cupcake ring is simply irresistibly adorable. Too delicate to wear out and about, but I'm planning to wear it at home when I do crafty work or write, I'm sure it'll inspire to great things. I think it'll need a little special cushion to rest on.


The M&M's hairpins I'm definitely going to use come spring. Irresistible in their very own way, yet more wearable. And quirky, perky. And sweet. If not for the tooth, but definitely for the eye.


same shop who made


pärlbesatt said...

Vad absolut LJUVLIG ringen var! Tur inte min yngsta var hemma och tittade över axeln när jag öppnade det här inlägget, det hade blivit ett evigt tjat... ;)

julochka said...

i know i said this other places, but i do love your cupcake ring. but i would have trouble not licking it.

DIVINEsweetness said...

Wow Pia! My lovelies look much lovelier in your photos!!! You have a talent in photographing jewelries and stuff...
thank you for the review =)

Anonymous said...

the ring is pretty and the hairpins are cute!


Pia K said...

javisst är den, pärlbesatt, för delikat för att bära, mer ett skådebröd att blir glad av att titta på dock:)

thank you for kind words, julie, paz and of course, divinesweetness:)

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