Wednesday, November 30, 2011

and the winner of my first book is...


Three little woollies braved the harsh winter winds and volunteered to draw the winner of a signed copy of "food and drinks with bobbaloos". To make a quick operation of it, we used the bobbaloo travel cabin for the drawing, Wilco - who did a great job the last time - was sent in to rumble through the tickets and chose a winner.


"hurry up now, it's cold out here"


Congratulations, Maria B

If you send me your address - my email can be found at my profile page - I'll have it in the mail asap.

Thank you all for participating, but most of all thank you for your kind and encouraging words about the book and everything else really! (If it was possible I'd give you all a copy of the book of course.)

Remember, you can still get the book in the Blurb shop, if I may say so, a perfect little feelgood Christmas gift for yourself or anyone special.


Anonymous said...

Grattis till Maria B! Och grattis till bokmakerskan!

Själv köper jag boken när jag är stadd vid kassa, vilket alltså inte är fallet nu. :(

Pärlbesatt som inte kan kommentera inloggad längre.

Elephant's Child said...

Congratulations to Maria B. As I know, being picked by a bobbaloo is a treat in itself.

Shaheen said...

Congratulations to Maria B.

Ooh I love the look of baby grey bobbaloo. He so tiny.

Felis said...

Congratulations Maria!

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