Monday, January 30, 2012

a burt's bees treat


These past ten years or so I've become very good at treating myself to nice things. Because I'm worth it (and I thought so even before the silly commercial said so). And no it doesn't at all have to be something I buy, just having a cup of tea on a sunny porch, going for a walk in the woods even though I *should* be doing something more productive, a bouquet of tulips, baking a cake, having a foot bath or a sleep-in, those are fabulous kind treats for the self.

My recent treat, which might be a treat, but also something useful, especially on these now quite cold and dry winter days, is a trio of skincare products from fabulous organic brand Burt's Bees, now, finally available in Sweden.

The obvious reason for treating myself to this was of course the fact that I got the first assignment for Prosit, yayness - it'll last for six weeks part time and I'm pretty excited as it's right up my alley, which can also be a tad bit dangerous I suppose since I find it all absorbingly fun. But I must remind myself only to work as much as I'm paid for and keep up other things too.

And then last week was a pretty good and overall productive week as a whole. Yayness too. Yayness twice.

When I saw the shelf with all Burt's Bees stuff in the health food store there was an imminent danger of me coming home with lots of bottles. But the sensible me spoke and said I can always come back when I really really need more products. So home I came with a fabulously smelling conditioner with grapefruit (pamplemousse oh how I adore thy scent!), a baby oil perfect for dry winter skin (I hope) and a wee tin of cuticle cream which I really really enjoy since I first got one years ago.


The miracle salve for all things that need an extra treat I gave to mother, because she's even drier than me this time of the cold year.

An hey, I got me a dark navy blue nailpolish too, Essie midnight cami. And no, the irony of organic skincare in combination with a nailpolish and its most probably very less than organic ingredients isn't lost on me. I have my flaws, one of them is nailpolish treats.

Are you good at treating yourself when you've accomplished something special?


Angella said...

Burt's Bees Cuticle Cream = must have in my purse. I probably over-excel at treating myself...productive or not. :)

So happy to hear of your part time gig. Everyone should be so lucky to love their job...yes? :)

Erica said...

Oh how I love burt's bees! Their chapstick is second to none. I believe 100% in treating yourself. We must take care of ourselves so that we can care for one-another, after all!

I am not sure about Essie, but I know Zoya brand nail polish is completely know, to make nail polish buying feel a little more friendly :-)

Elephant's Child said...

Not good about treating myself. Totally understand and agree with the concept, just not good about putting it into practice. Except for books, and things for the garden.

P.K said...

Love the nail polish colour. Treats have to be earned, when I achieve a goal I usually go to a new cafe or buy a book or flowers.

Anonymous said...

It's always nice to treat oneself. We deserve it. I like the Burt's Bees lip balm.

DahnStarr said...

When one lives alone while daughter is at University, it is hard not to treat myself to a treat. Today it was a new violet plant in full pink & white bloom from the shop where I was getting myself a latte.

Burts Bees said...

Burt's Bees is an "Earth Friendly, Natural Personal Care Company." We create natural, Earth-friendly Organic skincare products, formulated to help you maximize your well-being and that of the world around you.

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