Sunday, January 15, 2012

the week that was


I was going to write something substantial about my "first week as my own boss" this evening. But I have been a very kind boss this first week, getting into a flow plus those hairy, cuddly colleagues, well, you have to spend time socializing to, right? I may not have been quite as diligently checking off lists as I had planned - and I'm really, really working hard on the "not everything has to be perfect in order to get things going forward"... -  but I'm alright with that.

I've also been quite busy finally getting around to painting the office walls (somehow you really, really must be in the right mood for it). 50% of the room is now painted twice, in what turned out to be - as one can't really be sure what the colour will look like on a big wall compared to a smaller sample - a rather awesome strawberry icecream hue - you Swedes who ate and the remember "puckstång jordgubb", that's the colour - which is really sweet, pink, calming and perky at the same time.

It was the first time I painted walls, it was great fun. And very satisfying. And a lot of work, I have sore muscles I didn't know existed. In order to put up the new bookshelves - which I think are nothing less than fabulous

office wall and bookshelf

- I had to finish half of the room and will leave the other half until I'm less sore and up for it again. But I hope to do it within a week, it's so easy to let it drag out and procrastinate, but I want the whole room to look as grand and new as one half does now asap!

I spent a good portion of the autumn and winter cleaning out things that had been piling up in there and the amount of stuff (incl books that lacked importance to me) given away to charity is substantial. As is the amount of papers thrown away. It really feels fantastic to finally getting down to doing this, a major factual as well as soul/mind cleansing.

To have a brand new room, a creative, calm space - no cats allowed, but little loaf has his own blanket - for a specific purpose, gosh, I am so so happy about this!

Weekend has basically been spent working on this space, figuring out which books and papers that do have a place in there still. And I spent an hour at IKEA this Sunday morning - not an IKEA fan, ya'know, but an annual visit for a specific purpose for wares with prices I'm alright with, as in cheap, but not as cheap as it's very obvious someone else have paid the actual price for it - being very specific with the things needed, rushing through the place cleverly avoiding the crowds and queues. Home with me came a new desk (light and simple), a deskchair (perky and simple), a few office supplies and a fabulastic ceiling lamp.

maskros lampa

The comfy armchair in mint condition I got from the charity shop last year has finally a proper place and purpose in pink office. It does need a decent floor lamp, something pretty and worn that I can upcycle and transform to fit the room - thus being on top of the to-get-list for my perfect, creative space.

I absolutely heart my new office. It'll quite probably be my new favourite room. Light permitted I'll try and get a few photos of it tomorrow. The finished side vs the not so finished one. Now, now I will be a more demanding boss this week to come. Promise.


Angella said...

I love the sneak peek of your shoes...perfect against the pink walls. I'm a huge fan of having the "correct environment" when working so I cheer you on in your decorating/painting/arranging. My office has long been one of my favorite rooms of the house. :)

Unknown said...

Everything is looking great, so far...It is important to have a space where you want to spend your time. A good space will enhance your work perspective...When the office is finished, everything else will come together!

Elephant's Child said...

That ceiling light is a joy.

A said...

I'm loving the ceiling lamp! It's amazing! I tend to find it hard to find a lamp that's cool, yet not massive so that it hangs low etc.

- A

Fuzzy Tales said...

Painting IS a lot of work, I usually do some painting in the house every year. I hate the prep and clean up and painting trim and cutting in. But doing the walls is okay. LOL.

Congratulations for being well on your way to having a wonderful home office! Love the ceiling light! Makes me long for a run to the new Ikea in Ottawa. (It's 2 hours away from me.)

BTW, your bookcase--did you wallpaper it? Or did you buy it like that? Very pretty!


Growing Up Gramma said...

I love painting too! We have been trying to update, (well totally redo) our upstairs bathroom for a year now. We put in the shower last year at this time, and then ran out of extra money (having two children get married with in 4 months will do that to you) so the rest has been patiently waiting to be done. While I was home in Iowa for my dad's birthday on New Years Day, Willie got the drywall up, and I got it painted this last week. cieling and all. Next will be floor boards and crown molding, hopefully that wont need to wait another year.

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