Monday, January 02, 2012

things to keep me in order 2012


Two years ago I was most happy to have rekindled with Filofax, but in a smaller, red non-leather version. For some months I was quite happy with it. The before-iPhone era. But after that I've sadly not used it much, I've lost touch with my inner diligent calendar scribbler. Dates, meetings and appointments I've made a note of in iPhone. (But I've missed the scribbling in calendar every. single. time. I've done so.)

That will now change. A new year brings many new beginnings. One of mine is that I've decided to return to the old, original Filofax, which is actually something like 20 years old (jeeez). The red pocket version didn't do it for me, too small, this one is more my style and size (wish it was non leather, wish it was red, but I will definitely not buy a new one, this one holds memories and has served me well, recycling ftw).


One thing leading up to my own business has been a series of meetings with a new business-advisor  (available for free in most municipalities in Sweden). She's a great fan of a decent sized calendar for  scribbling and after our latest meeting, where I noted down our next appointment in the iPhone, I said 'next time I will have my old Filofax instead'.

Which obviously was a good idea, since when I later looked in the iPhone calendar I had apparently not pressed the save-button... I only remember we are to meet late January and will have to call her for the actual date. Something that would so not have happened had I made a note in the Filofax. Lesson learned, scribbling important things down is essential, much better than forgetting the push 'save' button.


Of course, only a Filofax with its possibilites of jotting thoughts, ideas and important matters down is not enough. I need cuteness and colours for that too. So I have a couple of old perky, small Moleskine notebooks for that (I always have them in my handbag anyway) and this new red beauty. Plus a "most happy trio of notebooks" from Dottie Angel. They are quirky, quite perfect and most happy instigating. Just what a creative mind that adores scribbling and doodling on real (recycled) paper could need and want. Most pleased am I.

What, may I ask, do you have to keep your mind and life in order through 2012?


Fuzzy Tales said...

I don't have a pocket-sized calendar to carry, I found I don't need one for personal things. However, at work I prefer a paper desk calendar to the on-line calendar program we're supposed to use. I spent the grand sum of $2 for a giant monthly desk calendar (the kind that lie flat on your desk). It's big enough to jot down my own appointments as well as make note of staff off on vacation, off sick, etc. So while I keep my boss's on-line calendar up and running all day, I prefer the paper for my own scheduling.

I do use Google's calendar, though, for personal appointments. Actually, just before Christmas I had a day/time for a specific appointment jotted down on paper at the office, and another day for the same appt on-line. LOL. I had to call my physiotherapy clinic and ask which was correct. :-)

DahnStarr said...

Electronic tracking doesn't work for me and I'm with Fuzzy Tales, desk pad calendars rock! I've been using them for years and keep them for documentation. I like to be able to see and track the full month. The new boss is a ipad/phone planner. I got a funny look when I told him that I use the desk pad calendar. He has since found out that he would have forgotten appointments if it wasn't for my trusty desk pad! Away from work I use a small monthly calendar note book.

Elephant's Child said...

No electronic tracking here. Calendars rule.

And this year I am going to try and let my mind run free and see where it takes my life.

Felis said...

I like Filofax. It's so vintage like famous artists, like Degas for instance, who had a notebook and constant made ​​sketches and scribble records.

Lost Star said...

I had a filo-fax for a year and never got on with it. Throughout university I used the student diary available as it listed all term dates etc, very useful! :D

The last year or so I used a DODO pad, which I liked, but decided to go for a pocket daily moleskine this year. It arrived today and so far, I love it! Plenty of space for everyday! And so small and cute!

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