Friday, January 13, 2012

friday the 13th of january


It's not only Friday the 13th, it's also St Knut's day, the official end of Christmas in Sweden. My advent candlesticks will as usual continue to light up my life until the days get brighter, longer and my home is not filled with christmassy ornaments so not much will change in that way. But I'm thinking that all these small steps towards a nicer season and new beginnings etc etc are sweet, 13 is one of my favourite numbers and having a weekend is good - even if you've spent the week in the company of the bestest colleagues.

Happy weekend one and all ~


Elephant's Child said...

How are your first week? Magical I hope. Have a wonderful weekend.

Angella said...

I hope you have a very relaxing weekend. :) (Have you noticed since you started your own company that the weekends feel as refreshing as the weekdays?) I hope for your sake they are. :) Kisses to the kitties. xx

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