Monday, January 16, 2012

the reversed carrot and other beanies


I'm thinking that the knitting of caps might be the new scarf or the new socks for me. Plus they're quicker to make, with rather little effort and hey presto, you've got a new hat!


I've got me some fabulously perky and lovely wool yarn - I've been ogling it for ages - before Christmas, I then returned for another skein in a sweet skyblue hue. Granted compared to the bright pink (with small orange patches) and the green green grass one with an orange tuft on top - I think of it as a reversed carrot, befitting someone having the carrot defect - it does make a pale impact. But nonetheless cute.


Although granted, if you want to spot one easily in a crowd I'd go for the bright pink - I'm making a super lovely cowl for self in the same yarn, knitting done, putting some finishing touches to it now, below +-0C weather is welcome to stay a  wee while longer - or the green/carroty one.

Which one would you enjoy wearing the most?
And do you have any favourite winter headgear?


Elephant's Child said...

Here, the only hat I would wear is a summer hat. We simply don't get cold enough (or I don't get cold enough) to wear a hat in winter. That said, these hats might make me change my mind.

Angella said...

Which one would you enjoy wearing the most?
PINK! If it's pink-I must have it-because I'm a girl. (at least that's the logic I try to use on my husband when we shop, haha)

My winter headgear is so boring in comparison I'm embarrassed to admit it:
Those cheesey head band thingys that wrap around your ears and head. Yep. That's what I wear in winter. No cute inside out carrot hats. :(

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