Tuesday, January 24, 2012

mr broccoli, ms strawberry, mr carrot and naked bobbaloos


With snow comes an abundance of light and opportunities for photo sessions. The three larger fellas in this photos have been biding their photo op time since a few months now, since they arrived as a lovelt gift - time to meet Mr Broccoli (previously seen posing with blue boots), Ms Strawberry and Mr Carrot.

A dreadfully fine trio from a place I'm not a fan of, ya' know, very blue and yellow, IKEA. But I can't help but being completely, happily smitten by these three. Everyone needs more vegetables in life and next to eating them, what can be better than cuddle with them?

The tiny two fellas are my latest bobbaloo settlers. If you are of a delicate nature I suggest you either cover your eyes or stop reading here. Because they are indeed naked.


And in snow. Say hallo to Bumley, the jacabob, and Yay (Jaybird, but I'm all for yayness so Yay it'll be), the jacabunny. They've already been out and about visiting cafés and such, causing quite the nude chock - nope us Swedes are not nearly as liberal as you might think - amongst cakes and cookies.



Happy Tuesday all ~


Fuzzy Tales said...

Well, this post put a smile on my face today, so thank you! :-)

Felis said...

I heard only for Russians who have tradition to stay naked in cold lakes and snow :). I'm puritan so I'm very disturbed by the bobbaloo behavior :) :0 ;) .

Angella said...

I am so not offended by the naked bobbs....of course I'm the type that will end up in a pervy "clothing optional" community when I'm old too. :) I hope all involved got a warm soak in a hot tub immediately following the photo shoot.

P.S. How does loaf dog like the snow? Mine got a taste of it for the first time this year since they were born in Arizona. :)

Elephant's Child said...

Thankyou. Lots.

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