Wednesday, January 18, 2012

wednesday musings


:: So far I've been a semi-strict boss - in the semi-finished office above - to self this week. I've made a few phone calls in-the-name-of-the-company - remember me being an odd phoney so it's a big thing - including talking to a dream-client (and was asked to call back next month, thus plenty of time to prepare, oh the joy, the borderline delirium afterwards). Booked a meeting. Prepared for a meeting. Am going to a meeting. Have written, will write.

:: I celebrated the phone-calls with the baking of a gingerbread cheesecake with pomegranate - it was de-lovely, but with forgetting to set the timer I dabbled with time and it would probably be even nicer with less baking. Next time...


:: I don't think I'll be celebrating every phone-call from now on with the baking of cakes. There's only so much cake a gal can eat and share. Really.

:: Reading blogposts about doing big clean-ups in the blog reader I've thought a bit about leaving comments, not leaving comments, the notion of reciprocating, replying to comments, blog-etiquette (if there is such a thing) and expectations.

When I began blogging I don't think I really expected comments, blogging in Sweden wasn't that big then, I think I wrote for myself, it was a good ventilator, a diary for real. I wrote a lot of nonsense and silliness back then - like I neeever do now of course... - but I don't think I've removed any of those old, sillier posts, I was a few years younger, perhaps I wasn't sure about how to express myself to a potential online world, so I wrote ackamarackus. Remove it would be a bit like denying who I was then, in a way I suppose. So it's there, even though I'm not the same person then as I am now.

I slightly digress, because what I wanted to say was that back in those early blogging days I did make a proper effort to always reply to comments left, if only with a "thank you" - and reciprocate (if possible). But that's (unfortunately, as I think it's a nice gesture still) not something I'm prioritizing anymore, even if my aim is to do it still. I do hope everyone reading/commenting knows how much I appreciate every. single. sweet. comment despite that?

Blogging, as life, is also full of different people, differing views, likes and dislikes. I might read and enjoy your blog, leave comments now and then, but you find no interest or joy in mine or at least the notion of reciprocating commentwise is not in your realm of blogging. Or the other way around. I am usually fine with that. I show my appreciation, you show your appreciation, but we may not click as such.

But sometimes I do get annoyed with the so called "very popular blogs" (which I rarely read, but I have a few of them in my reader for various reasons) as there are often, imho, tendencies of hoity-toitiness and frankly, I get bored, they repeat themselves, "their" ideas are deemed inspirational, but hey there are a zillion of blogs out there less popular who've already been there-done that and are very much read-worthy. I've also noticed many of them have adopted the same style of writing, fairly often acknowledging eachother for their respective inspirational awesomeness, forming a club of intermutual admiration. It's rather amusing in a way, but yes, equally boring in the long run.

I think the icing on the nuisance cake was one of the popular bloggers expressing a disappointment the other day over the lack of response/comments to her latest post thus keeping the subject short from now on. Seriously. I write, I blog because I. Have. To. I don't adjust my subjects/posts to what I think will attract most readers, get more comments. If that's what blogging is to you, then thank you, but no thank you.

I think I'll go and cleanse my feed reader too now. It may not be as cathartic as cleaning your house, your life of excess stuff, but still, the annoyance factor in life will get a tad bit smaller.

Do you have firm opinions on dos and don'ts in blogging and the blogosphere? Care to share them?

:: A couple of months ago I realised it was that time again. That time being getting a new identity-card, the big issue being taking a photo for said card. I know you're supposedly able to make those photos yourself online these days, but getting the proportions and details required correct seems a bit dubious, so a photo machine it will be. Can't stand the idea of going to a photographer for this, because seriously, I. do. so. hate having my picture taken when I can't control the outcome the least bit and having to fuss with how unsatisfied I am with result with a photographer over a measly identity-card photo - gah.

Thus I'm looking for a photo machine, preferably in a quiet location, where I can fume over the unsatisfying result in peace. Apparently a photo machine is a tricky thing to find these days - I used to love taking pictures in them when I was a kid/teenager and they were seemingly everywhere then - but I've located a few in the vicinity of Stockholm. Will have to go brave my demons soon, very soon. Probably this week. At least I have my dotty glasses to hide behind this time.

It's not as if you use that identity-card very often these days, but when you do, you really do. It's just weird to carry one's passport around for that. And well, if my current identity-card photo wasn't bad enough, the passport one is even worse. Plus I need a new passport very soon too. As one has to take the passport photo at the police that issues it these days, the notion of the "are you happy with this picture? - no - are you happy with this one? - no, I still look like a crazy hag"-conversation at the police station doesn't really fill me with joyous anticipation.

:: It may be flattering to have "the Getty Images team having noticed" my work on Flickr and being offered "an invitation-only service for Flickr members to license their photos for commercial use." But the idea of stock photo, exclusivity and the vagueness of pricing - no I will not sign up. 

:: I just know there were more things I'd thought of jotting down in this post, but they're nowhere to be found at the moment, at least not in reach within the head of undersigned.

So instead I'll finish this post of on a lighter note, as it begun if you will. Ztina and Zigne, 4,5 weeks old, pure candy joy for the eye and mind. More of them tomorrow. Beware of cuteness overload.



Elephant's Child said...

The pussens are enchanting. Thank you.

Like you, I blog for myself - often for my own amusement. I will try and respond to people who comment - but sometimes it isn't possible. Do, what is right for you. Blogging isn't an obligation.

Fuzzy Tales said...

The babies are growing up so quickly! Oh my goodness, they're just precious little dolls. That's my kitten fix for the day.

Congratulations on the potential client! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. And even though I'm not a huge cheesecake fan (just so very rich tasting), yours looks divine. Yum. I'd love a forkful or two, that would be just enough.

As for the blogging, and I know you've already left a comment on my own post when I cleaned out my Reader, I don't follow "popular" blogs. Well, within the Cat Blogosphere. LOL But generally, no. I often feel obliged to follow a blog within the C.B., especially if they follow mine, but I'm working on getting over those feelings of obligation--and guilt if I don't.

I started blogging as a method of on-line journalling, really. Because there's not much of interest that happens in my life. Yet I still have the human need to express myself, to somehow say that even with a small life, I still matter. So I would blog even without followers--I certainly didn't have any for a long time, though my family kept up with my posts. Frankly, I can't even imagine why anyone would want to read what I post. But as it was and is for you, it's cathartic for me as well.

Chrissy said...

I agree, I too write my blog for myself. In fact, I sometimes forget I have readers! It's my space, for my musings & vents & observations & that's how it will stay. I'm sure that's the same for many people.

Delete the negative comments. They have no place in your blog world xx

Angella said...

I've read a couple of blog posts of yours in which it was very (heart-breaking-ly) clear you were enduring some tough times, and I wondered how you had the energy to blog about it. I'm not sure I would have been able to find the energy if it were me so I believe you when you say you MUST blog. It shows. And I am happy that you do. (even on the tough days) :)

Commenting to comments...isn't that backwards? You write...we comment...then you have to comment back? I comment to show appreciation for your words, or photos or some inspiration I've found from your effort...I think its redundant to "expect" the author to comment back. Just my thoughts. On the other hand, it seems presumptuous to write for the sole purpose of receiving comments. :S
I also get bored with the blog cliques that are so forward right now. I enjoy reading fresh thoughts and ideas that are not regurgitated amongst a group of like-minded writers.

*Your office space is darling! The color is perfect (for me!!! :) and that light is so pretty. What a great space for inspiration. I am thrilled for your prospect, and have all fingers and toes crossed for much success.

Anxiously waiting for the kitty overload tomorrow.

Poppy Q said...

Your babies are gorgeous Miss Pia - how sweet.

I am like you, I kind of have to blog, and now after a few years I just write what I want, and don't worry about what others think. My comments numbers have dropped off, but I think I spend less time commenting on others blogs.

It always amuses me all the new bloggers, that are quite pushy about inviting new readers, commenting lots and then six months later they stop posting. No stamina.

Have a good weekend, and kiss those sweet babies for us.

Julie and Poppy Q

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