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all about the boots, purple and blue

shoe per diem dec 28, 2011 - two pairs are better than one

I did debate with myself if I was going to post an all shoes and boots post today already, as I mentioned it only yesterday, a bit of a teaser and then a little wait, that's usually my melody. But sometimes I tend to forget the tune and never post the thing that felt oh so important that day, other matters, life come between. And for better or worse, blogging is often all about the here and now, when a week, a month passes, the once oh so important feels un-blogworthy. Which I suppose it isn't, but it's tricky to foment the inspiration and inclination to write about something that isn't fresh in mind. At least when it comes to actual things and happenings, that aren't recurrent. Ideas, musings swirling are another story, they just need the brain to be in the mood for writing.

Enough blathering. Time for the boots. -- The show and tell about the gorgeous birthday shoes from Lisbon has been postponed indefinitely due to the calcaneal spur issue, which has effectively kept me from using them more than twice. When foot is back to its usual self, the purple shoe post is a must. -- But I can't promise to keep it short. I never can when it comes to shoes.


I got Christmas money. I was very happy about that (duh). Part of it was spent on boots. I meant to get one pair, but ended up splashing on two. Christmas money can make a gal do that. Apparently. And I kind of blame the above mentioned foot issue for that - not that I mind, I am very grateful for the fact that I am able to change shoes regularly, that I have a shoe wardrobe with colours to suit any mood and, touch wood, foot issue - my heel get a relief with a shoe with a moderate heel, after years of adoring the Iggdrasil model I have come to love the Tesela one most. For its comfortable heel and flattering style. I feel that model is very me.

The pretty maryjanes were followed by the awesome oxfords. Sadly I have not been able to find another pair of those in my size anywhere, I do hope for their return in the El Naturalista range this year... Thus I have been wearing them a lot this past autumn and winter - I'm not at all happy about this weird, mild weather we've had this winter, but my foot is grateful for the weather having allowed shoes that offer a relief for the ache and not forcing boots on these past months - and I wished there'd been shoes/boots to change with now and then, allowing the oxfords a well deserved winter rest.


So, I have been ogling a pair of ankle boots - which to be honest is not a favourite style of mine in general - in the Tesela model, with the same adorable cork button as on the the maryjanes. They seemed a bit more befitting for the season, but the colours available in the shops here were a bit dark and drab, when I spotted them in that gorgeous blue hue called vaquero in the webshop. Utterly swoonworthy... Sadly not available in my size. The tall boots in blue were however available in my size... Oh, I've been dreaming of a pair of blue boots ever since I saw them everywhere in Amsterdam, four plus years ago...

But since I have a real issue with most tall boots, ie they rarely fit the woman with *athletic* legs. -- Most tall boots are of course just ridiculously narrow and tight in shaft. But apart from catering for different leg sizes from the start, the boots could also quite easily be made to fit with a bit of wrap-around design (like the red boots), lacing or a proper (not only for apperance's sake) elastic input. -- So even if these boots looked alright I knew I had to try a pair on before I ordered them.

So I headed to my favourite shoe shop to try both the ankle boot and the tall boot. When I tried the ankle boots on I did find the model surprisingly cute and the purple colour - which I've said about a trillion times is not a favourite colour of mine, yet I fall for it on a regular basis - quite charming. So I ended up getting me a pair of these (bobbaloo approved) beauties.


The tall boots - with its for silly appearance's sake elastic input - were sadly lacking room for my snazzy calfs and the zipper was unable to perform its full duty. But they really looked amazing from the cork button outside, they really really did... And that blue coloured ones in webshop were really really calling my name...

And really why should us athletic calf bestowed women be left wanting for boots just because the design and zipper leave a few centimetres to be desired? There are leg warmers, there are - for me at very rare occasions - trousers and hey, why should only cool kids at a certain age be able to trot along with semi-zipped up boots without anyone taking any notice? Actually, why not make a bit of an athletic-calf-woman protest with it? This is how I'm designed, this is how many of us are designed, deal with it and start making boots that cater for different calf sizes. Naturally, at the same time as I'm showing off fabulous socks with that un-zipped style.

So I ordered myself a pair of heavenly blue Tesela tall boots. And they are just stunning. Stunning. Such a perky, quirky, stylish, unique, lovely pair. Blue boots, for a very very less than blue minded me.


Edit - just the other day I had a rather curious incident with them blues, my right leg had miraculously shrunk over a few days and suddenly I could zip it all up. Right leg only though, thus for left calf sympathizing's sake I'll continue sporting the semi-zipped look for now.

Edit two - some days, calf permitted, I'm able to wear them all zipped up. Those are especially good boots days. These blue beauties might be the single one reason for me not wanting spring/summer shoe-season to arrive...


Angella said...

Love the blue boots...I just got a pair of Belstaffs from Santa. He gets two stars for great taste. I'm a runner so I also have trouble with "athletic" calves. Unfortunately it is trial and error. And no buying without trying them on. Ever.

P.S. How was day 1? Been thinking about ya. :)

Unknown said...

Always great to have a new pair of boots/shoes, to cover any crisis, whether it be your feet or the weather! I love your choice of color, I tend to buy black before considering any color!

Elephant's Child said...

I don't have the shoe fetish, but you may convert me. These looked lovely.

A said...

I love both of these boots, I, just like Sienna, tend to go for black. I tend to find it hard to combine differently coloured boots with my clothes, but I LOVE the blue ones, and the purple ones are really cute too!

Åsa said...

Ååååh, sånna lila som inte fanns i min storlek... Mkt fina!

Poppy Q said...

Gorgeous - have you tried the Endless website Miss P? They have free postage worldwide if you spend over $100 US, and sell El Naturalista, so if you know they fit, they might have styles you like.

Julie Q

PS - the kittens are scrumptious.

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