Sunday, January 22, 2012

random sunday musings


Life is a lot about thinking right now - and kittens plus blue boots, oh how I adore them all in their own ways - so here goes another post on this and that ~

:: Enjoyed reading your different views on blogging and blogetiquette the other day very much. And yes, to put it plainly, as someone clever said, "do what is right for you, blogging isn't an obligation".

:: I find it mind-baffling that someone I know reasonably well refuses to text or call me on my *new* mobile phone number, contact me at home or via email, or Facebook for that matter. Instead she keeps using my old mobile phone number, the one that noone I care about uses anymore.

I've had the iPhone for nearly two years now, I've repeatedly told her to use that number. When I on the very odd occasion check it I find strange sms:s she left there months ago. We've known eachother for, let's see... 16 years now. At times a friend, others an acquaintance and for longer periods we haven't had any contact at all. She is, shall we say, a peculiar kind of person, caring and kind, creative and fun, but also at times showing other not nearly as nice features if you rub her the wrong way. Well, at least she suddenly insists it to be the wrong way.

The last time we had any real contact was rather awkward and her acting like this doesn't really make me want to revitalize our ... acquaintanceship. I don't need any more weirdness in my life. Not the energy absorbing kind that this would be. And once again, I ponder the thing about friends for different occasions.

:: Today I overcame a great hurdle, something I've been dreading for months now - I finally went and got my picture taken in a photo machine (I emptied my piggy bank for it, but hey, photo machines of today apparently only takes credit cards. Wow, it really is modern days of our lives).

And despite me really, really hating this, having my picture taken, as I mentioned before, and having braced myself for having to take loads of x4 photos, it turned out the very first one was good. Quite good, and I'm really super-critical and annoyed about pictures of me so if I deem them quiet good I think they're alright. I was so surprised about that when I spotted it in pre-view mode I inadvertently made a weird face in the second pic, but the latter two were also alright. The dotty spectacles helped a lot.

So tomorrow I'll head to the bank and get a new ID-card. If they deem the pictures ID-card-worthy (size, shadows, visible pupils etc) that is.

And this I have dreaded for months. The utter silliness.

:: The first really job-related meeting I had last week was a really good one. No it wasn't the dream-client I mentioned - that'll hopefully be next month, touch wood and all that - but an old job contact, which will hopefully lead to new good contacts and contracts. Yes it really was a good meeting, over a cup of tea and scones in a pretty tea room. My kind of job meeting indeed.

:: I'm thinking that photogenique cats and kittens ought to be concidered a work-related, deductible stock-in-trade. I'm thinking sister Almost White and sister Dotty Red are perfect photographical stock-in-trades. The more I think about it the more sense it makes, wouldn't you agree? I really have the best of opportunities to work with their abilities and temperament right from the start, I always have, but still, now I'm thinking about it from a slightly different angle.

It would be a relief not having to even think about the selling of li'l ms Dotty Red, since she then already has her future set as a Prosit representative. Not having to separate the two peas in a pod, one red, one almost white.

I mean, creative, intellectual people do enjoy the company of cats, they are inspirational as well as soul soothing when needed. Wouldn't it be perfect somehow, that the company of Prosit would have two tiny furbabies as spokecatpersons, groomed the part right from the start? Not that I would go all crazy-cat-lady of course, but I find the sheer idea of spokekittens rather exhilarating and amusing.

And actually, I am thinking of a logotype that would be a good symbol for Prosit, what I am and what I'll bring to a client - not a cat, silly - but the things that a cat stands for. Ah, this could be a neat idea me thinks. Brought to blog under the influence by Ztina and Zigne, or Ord and Bild if you will.

:: Yesterday I bought three cans of spray paint, three shades of pink. My plan is to A) paint this case shelf - I know that wasn't my original intention, but its not an antique piece, I'll use it in my office, dark furnitures have no room in there and it really needs to be transformed into something happy looking. It has waited for its new purposes for plus two years. It is time.

B) to paint this curvaceous lamp-stand. It was my original intention to do so when I charity shop bought it plus one year ago. And make a new shade for it. I still haven't gotten around to it, the shade kind of grew on me - after all it's pink - and it's been standing beside the TV awaiting its destiny.

The idea was to find a similar lamp-stand for the pink office, to repaint it and make a new shade. And have it as a reading lamp by the armchair (which will also enjoy the company of the granny square footstool). Finding the right kind of lamp-stand is however trickier than you might think, they're probably quite sought after these days.

So, I'll spraypaint this one, better late than never, and use it as an office-stand-in-lamp-stand - or maybe it'll be more comfortable in there, who knows. A new shade it'll get too, I've had a few fabulastic ideas cooking for a while now, one of them it will be. (But I'll save this current pink shade for special occasions or the living room life.)


Since snow fell in an abundance today - I can't help but thinking that these soft, supersized snowflakes that create a silent, winter wonderland with reasonable temperatures only around zero are really really beautiful. I may not think so if it gets colder, icier, creates a public transportation mess and give me hellish electrical bills for months, but for now, for a while, let me declare winter bliss - I won't be doing any spraypainting outdoors until temperatures and weather allow. But as soon as it does, hello pink caste, hello pink lamp-stand.

:: Pretty much the rest of the office is now painted in pink also. Tomorrow I'll do a second coat. A few odd corners and holes that need more extensive plastering will hopefully be done next weekend. Then all the walls are finished!

Oh, then someone (not so) clever once upon a time thought it was a fantastic idea to wallpaper the outside of the closet door. Thus it looks the same rubbish as the walls used to and need painting. I would love to go all applegreen on it, but I think a pale lavender hue would emit a more tranquil and seamless feeling with the pink walls. So that it will be.

And then there's the tired, worn ol' marble window sill in dark grey. It needs either a few coats of paint or a plastic cover film. Since I'm in painting mood the paint idea seems nicer, though a cover film in a cute pattern would be rather pleasing.

:: Doing all this painting and refurbishing has made me thinking about other projects I've been pondering for years. Home improvement projects I can perform myself for a reasonable sum of money. With Rutger moving to my mum - yes he's doing fine, although he probably needs time to adjust to the fact that he is not a fertile mister anymore, but a neuter consultant and calm down with his plucky behaviour towards his brother and mother - there's another room liberated. A room I've been thinking of repainting ever since we moved here 10 years ago (last December 19). Now-ish is finally the time.

I was thinking green, but with the pink paint leftovers from the office space I'll probably use that. But only for three walls, the fourth will be wallpapered. I'm thinking this birdie and flower one would be wonderful, but I 'm not interested in splurging the money it'll probably cost. This butterfly wallpaper is gorgeous too - but probably also a costly alternative. So I'm looking for more affordable alternatives.

:: I need to be a more demanding boss this week. January is almost over, time to stop semi-slacking.



Unknown said...

Sounds like you are well on your way with your office decorations. It is important to have a suitable work environment. Definitely need the kittens in the logo and for the photographs. Of course they will become cats, but they will still be very photogenic. Let's face it kittens and cats interest many people! YOU, are on your way to success!

Elephant's Child said...

Of course use the kittens in the logo. And if a client finds them off putting, well you wouldn't work well with that sort of person anyway.

Your weekend thoughts have been very busy. Thanks for the link, and have a great week to come.

Felis said...

About work is normal january to start quiet. Is necessary time, before advertising on your site to bring clients. One marketing book says that people have to see one offer 3 times, before to have real interest. In march :) you will have many clients. Good luck!

For ID-card is good that you have choice, here ID-card clerk make photos and pictures are really horrible, because they are not photographer. Uff, why english use same word for make photo and use gun?

I was busy and now I read few posts. I'm very sad to hear that you will not keep both kitten. Part of me want to tell you to try to care for two, but but my rational part understand you. Is reassuring that will have a good home.

Edinburgh Flats said...

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