Thursday, January 12, 2012

kulau coconut water


Bought three packages of Kulau coconut water a while ago. I hadn't heard about or seen it before, but the packaging was lovely and it sounded like a good thing to try. I mean, coconut, that's such a lovely flavour, right? So far I've tried one, the one I found most intriguing, being a lover of pomegranate, the one containing just that.

I have to say though, that it was actually one of the most revolting beverages I've ever tried, nearly as disgusting as beer (which I find completely and utterly loathsome, if not just a tiny splosh in a Radler). In fact I felt a bit nauseous drinking it, so in order to gulp it down *it is good for you* I momentarily shut down my tastebuds and just drank.

It was nothing like coconut as we know it in milk or shredded coconut, to me it just tasted of dirty dish-water. (Or how I imagine that tastes.) For me, the idea of harvesting coconuts before they're ripe feels... awkward. Though since I'm not an expert in the coconut area or a nutritionist I'll just guess they know what they're doing.

But sorry, Kulau, you can claim Berlin to be the European capital of healthy, natural, organic product trends all you want, if it doesn't have a pleasing taste that makes me want to drink it on a regular basis or at least rejoice when I treat myself to it, I won't be drinking it. No matter how healthy, organic and fairtrade it supposedly is.

As far as I'm concerned, the best thing about the coconut water was the packaging AND that I realised a sibling trio of bobbaloos were a perfect colour match (I'm a sucker for such coincidences, if you hadn't noticed before...).

Anyone tried this coconut water?
What did your tastebuds think, did they sing or did they react like mine?


Jacqueline Meldrum said...

Oh dear, I had high hopes for it as well :(

Angella said...

I have tried ZICO and agree that the flavor or lack of, is horrible! I prefer to get my potassium from a banana. A friend told me she makes her smoothies with it, so she still reaps the benefits without the taste. I'm not convinced. The siblings are adorable...and look so clever. ;)

Paul said...

I would rather have tea.

viridiana said...

I fell in love with green coconut water during a holiday in Brazil. Yes, the flavour is really different from ripe coconut milk, but I found it refreshing, not sweet at all, and it was my favourite drink when I was there (it also contains a lot of minerals, like a sport drink...). But in Brazil I used to drink it directly from the coconut, freshly harvested, so maybe the flavour of the fresh water is different from the flavour of this packaged one.

katie said...

I've had coconut water before (a Mexican brand) and it was really good. Perhaps you should try some from one of the South or Central American brands.

Growing Up Gramma said...

I tried a brand of coconut milk once, meant to be drank as milk, not mixed in daqueries, I wasn't pleased with it. It did make for a nice moist cake though. I'll stick with chocolate milk

Poppy Q said...

I haven't tried the coconut water, and I feel the same way about beer. Beer always tastes like cat pee to me, and I stopped drinking it almost twenty years ago.

Julie Q

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