Tuesday, January 17, 2012

very crafty socks


Yesterday was headgear day, today it's all about the socks. Well, more specifically one pair which I'd quite forgotten about - they were one of the beauties that arrived in September along with the tofu socks, the awesome bicycle ones were a perfect wee gift for someone who loves her bike


- since I have been very partial to lace socks these past few months, and admittedly a few dotty and striped ones, but thicker socks and patterns other than that, not so much.

But since ground has been covered with some mysterious white thing and temperatures have actually been below zero C for a week now I've had reasons to - as if one has to have that - rummage through my sock bags. Finding all sorts of delightful socks. Like these. The crafty ones. The purple crafty ones that I had planned to wear at the next twitterjunta session, but which I then obviously forgot all about.


As I've been very fond of the blue boots - which I had a rather curious incident with the other day, my right leg had miraculously shrunk over a few days and suddenly I could zip it all up. Right leg only though, thus for left calf sympathizing's sake I'll continue sporting the semi-zipped look for now - I hadn't thought through different pleasing socks for the purple ones. Now I'm certain which pairs I'll be putting on next. Needles, yarn, scissors, the very crafty ones.


Do you have a favourite pair of socks that, as if by magic, can chirk up any day?


Elephant's Child said...

Love them. thanks.

pärlbesatt said...

Superfina strumpor! Tänkte FAKTISKT på dig när jag köpte strumpbyxor idag- äppelgröna men omönstrade.

Och jag behöver en uppdatering på hur pissungarna ser ut! :)

Angella said...

Not socks....for me its glasses. I think we might share a spectacle addiction. ;)

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