Friday, January 27, 2012

on the last january friday

the office is practically finished

It has been a crazy hectic week. Only in a good way though. Yes, pretty much only in a good way. I'd say great ways even. Good ways make those ruffles seem insignificant, easy to deal with and laugh about. Gosh, I wish life could be a bit more like that. Perhaps it's an attitude thing, perhaps the stars have aligned, properly, finally, but I have to say, I worry less (touch wood) and it feels like some invisible weight has been lifted off my shoulders. So, please, life, let this be the path for 2012 onwards.

With that weight being lifted I find things in myself that apparently have been hidden, the feeling of not having to explain why I'm here in life, what have I done, my background, being analyzed, treated in degrading manners by little people, it amazes me. Instead I'm just me, answer to noone, seeing people and meetings in another light, from a business point of view, noticing opportunities and always thinking about that useful phrase "what's the worst that can happen?" - it's simply immensely uplifting.

I've met several inspiring people this week, people that actually not only talk but act. I haven't had the pleasure and relief of having many of those in my life these past few years - inspiring and talking yes, acting, not so much. I am so glad I can brush the odd shoulder with such people regularly from now on.

And when January draws to a close I'm pleased to share that it actually looks like Prosit has it's first proper client. Not at all something I've actively looked for, it was simply a fluke and very unexpected. Though rather fun, simple  and familiar. It's all hush at the moment, but in March all will be revealed.

Next week will probably not be as hectic, but I have a few appointments. The rest of the time I will spend doing paper-work. Paper-work will be done in pink office, because yes, pink office is all finished! And as you can see, the sun is shining brightly and benevolently over it.

Not counting the dreadful door that needs painting, but that I'll do outdoors when weather permits, the window sill that needs a new costume, the lampstand and the caste that'll get a pink sprucing up, also weather permitted procedures. But that aside, only minor pimping compared to all the other major works, it's an office to be proud of, happy about and inspired by.

The downside of a hectic week - I haven't taken any photos of the fabulous kitty sisters, Ztina and Zigne, now six weeks old already. I bow my head in shame over that sad fact. But I will try my very best in redeeming that blatant negligence this weekend. I can say as much as they've grown well, they either sleep the sleep of innocence or are superactive li'l tykes, but no matter what, they're always, always super-adorable.

Wishing you a joyous, relaxing weekend ~


Elephant's Child said...

And a wonderful weekend to you too.

Angella said...

Do the pink walls have a star*burst pattern, or is it from the light? Either way the room is gorgeous and the shoe looks (and sounds) happy. :)
Congrats on client number one and I hope they are the first of many. :)

Growing Up Gramma said...

I am so excited for you! I hope all continues full throttle forward! LOVE LOVE LOVE the shoes! Where do you find such happy shoes? I have only one pair of happy shoes. They are black and white with a Cat face on each.

The office looks FABULOUS!

Anonymous said...

Very cute shoe!

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