Sunday, January 08, 2012

let the year begin with prosit


It has been a long, lovely weekend, the Epiphany, now Christmas and New Year's is really over. Not a great fan of that time of the year, due to its hyped and commercialized spirit, but when it's over, the many lazy, cozy days of just being, I kind of miss them. From now on until Easter there will be no long - calendarwise - lazy weekends to enjoy.

That said, admittedly, I have not looked forward to a new year as much as I have done 2012, in a very long time. The mixed feelings of excitement, creative urges, anxiety, relaxation and nervousness - I'm thinking that is a good blend starting the new year with. And the business, Prosit Ord & Bild AB - just like the kitten's names it's a story behind this, but in a few words only; "Prosit" ~ bless you, "Ord" = word/s, "Bild" = image, AB = Inc.

I just have to realise that everything can't be perfect from the beginning, that would be ridiculous, unheard of and would leave a boring no room for improvement and growth. That will not do, not at all. So, now, work. As my own boss. From now on. Wish me luck, tomorrow's pretty much my first day at work, my work. I'll try and be both kind and demanding on myself as an employee. Bring it on -

and in case you happen to be passing here in blog for the first time, I'm looking for new clients.

Oh, let's make this an awesome green year -

since the frost and a wee bit of snow has arrived I'm going to begin walking it in fabulous blue boots (yes more of later, in a little shoe buff post)



Angella said...

Happy First Day of Working for Yourself...may you never look back!! I can't wait to hear of your many successes...there are sure to be many. If only one could be paid to snuggle darling kittens all day and invent delicious vegan concoctions...the world would be perfect. :)

Elephant's Child said...

Happy first day. Truly exciting. Sending lots and lots of good wishes through the ether to you.

Felis said...

Congrats and good luck!

Unknown said...

Wishing you well as you embark on your new adventure. I am sure that it will turn our to be a success. It is a great way to begin a new year!

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