Thursday, January 26, 2012

löv citrus tea and pomegranate lipbalm


I had two more Löv teas on my to-try-list - well, there might be more but these were the ones that sounded flavour appealing to me - when I saw that wee sweet organic shop I regularly pass by on my way home had finally re-stocked all flavours I obviously had to pop by and have a sniff. Several non-appealing sniffs and a few nice ones (although I think I've found all my favourites already; red fruits, rose, orange-cinnamon and chocolate-vanilla). The perky yellow tin with four citrus fruits was on my want-list. So I got it.


Unfortunately, for my tastebuds, it smells nicer than it tastes. A bit too lime-y for me. But I heart the tin. Of course. It's like a little sun of its own.

Next time - when one of the tins are empty, red fruits nearly is, need to refill since it's one of the best teas I've had ever, but I can see myself try another flavour, another colour. There's always room for more tea, morea colour - I think I'll try one of the wellness tins. Not a fan of herbal teas in general, but when I sniffed all those tea tins there was one that tickled my fancy, not sure which one though. Will sniff again soon.


As it happened I had just finished my balm and when I was to pay for the tea I spotted this chunky sized organic one from Swedish company Lilla Bruket (~Little Mill, Little Works). Main ingredients coconut and pomegranate. Heart the simple design and its generous size. It smelled nice and I have to say it smells even nicer when you put it on. So far I enjoy it very much.

A pretty sunny tin, good tea - even if not as great as the other flavours - and a decent lip balm. Almost everything a gal needs on a very wintry day.


Felis said...

I prefer herbals tea with simple taste like Chamomile and Tilia. Roses are traditional for my country, but I'm not sure do will make tee or only jam.
Happy tea time!

Angella said...

A gal can never have too many lip balms. I have a favorite organic wild blueberry one that I keep in constant stock. Your pom one sounds lovely. :)

Growing Up Gramma said...

Now, I do think I would probably enjoy the citrus tea. I love lime. As a matter of fact, I made a recipie that had lime in it tonight, and, (yes really) sucked the rest of the juice out of it when I was done. Limes and lemons are my favorite. There is a candy here in the states called Starburst fruit chews, most people like the red ones, the strawberry, the cherry and such, my favorite was always the lime, until they stopped making it. Now, I like the lemon and orange best. YUM!!!

Elephant's Child said...

Different teas for different moods. Vanilla chai is almost always a winner though.

Unknown said...

The lip balm sounds super. It certainly is a must for this wintry weather and also because of having the heat on in the home. Isn't it surprising how we are influenced by the packaging of a product. Love the yellow tin and its lid. It is just the type of container I would buy for storage.

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