Friday, January 20, 2012

zigne and ztina, week five


The day they turned four weeks old they got to try gruel from a plate for the first time, it went down well and with surprisingly little mess. Afterwards they sat their tiny behind in their little litter box and made a wee pee, no instructions needed. In other words, they were exemplary kittens.


Since then they've also made wee poos and a mess with the food - because clearly it's best eaten sitting in the plate, Ztinas paws are the soggiest wee ones in town.


I'm glad they still have their own crate world - though I suspect it won't be long until they'll manage to climb over the wooden walls of that limited miniature world -where they can be put to eat-sleep-litter-boxing. But when I'm at home they get to spend time in the big world, with the big cats - who are generally quite annoyed at them li'l frisky fellas, where's the dignity, where's the peace? -


loaf dog - who's actually semi-scared of the wee squeaking ones, clearly they're not toys of the proper kind, so what are they doing here, he says while skulking hiding under sofa. He's not at all acting like he used to when kittens were around, maybe four year is a very, very long time from a loafie memory's point of view - and us.


At the tender age of 4,5 weeks they began begun nibbling at mama cat's dry food and they are overall very well fed, well rotund (weighing some 500 grams plus now), tubby kissable tummies with thick li'l legs and big paws, happy, cuddly, curious, mischievous, playful, adorable, teddybearish looking, just like any perfect little british shorthair should be. I am so much more than well chuffed about their wee beings in residence.


My plan has always been to keep one of the kittens born in this litter and first born Ztina with her amazing coat colour and minuscule polar bear appearance is the one. (And she really, really isn't as timid and unobtrusive as she may seem...) But redspotted Zigne, who will (edit - probably, possibly, maybe, likely...) be for sale to the perfect, right, loving, special family (edit - and they have to be really, really special...) is an amazing little character of cuddly irresistable sweetness.


During all those years of having a kitten litter now and then I've only cried twice and deeply regreted the sales initially, due to their very special catonalities - they moved to good homes, had long, spoilt lives, it was just me missing them and their special ways those first days. I'm hoping the case with Zigne and her planned move will not be a case of many tears. Ah, many weeks still, will just enjoy them wee tiddlers in the here and now.













Happy weekend, one and all!


Fuzzy Tales said...

How wonderful that Ztina will have her forever home with you. :-)

The boys send purrs for Zigne to find the perfect home too.

BTW,hHow come having "tubby kissable tummies with thick li'l legs" is only adorable when it's kittens, puppies and human babies and not adult humans? :-D

Growing Up Gramma said...

Oh, if I only lived closer I would be banging down your door to buy wee Zigne, how utterly adorable! Though my fat miss Mia would not be amused. I think Bazinga would love a happy new friend though. Ah, well.... I know you will find wonderful new parents for young Zigne.

Elephant's Child said...

Echoing Fuzzy Tales on both counts.

They really are furry enchantment.

Have a great weekend.

Angella said...

LOL at Fuzzy Tales....yes....why is it only adorable for the young babies? :) These kittens are the most delicious babies....and I cannot wait to see pictures of Ztina as she gets older. She has the most remarkable coat and it changes even more every day. Zigne has the brightest eyes and I'm sure she will be the center of her new family's world. It's sad to think of them not being together, but maybe this will allow loaf dog and Ztina to bond. (maybe?) ;) Thank you for the sweet fuzzy baby pictures. I could look at them forever. :)

Poppy Q said...

Miss Pia, those babies are just darling and it must be hard to not just sit and play with them all day.

It would be hard for me to be a breeder, I would just want to keep all of the kittens and have a house full of furries.

Have a nice weekend.

Julie and Poppy Q


Edinburgh Flats said...

Oh My God ..This is so cute. Thanks for sharing the gift of this blog post!

P.K said...

What delightful furry bundles, just what I needed to see today. Kittens and cats are one of the most perfect creatures.

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